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terminator 2 judgement day

Where Can You Watch Terminator 2 in The UK?

Terminator 2: Judgement Day is without a doubt one of the greatest sci-fi action movies ever made. James Cameron's epic sequel to the 1984 original...

Marvel’s Legion Season 2 Review: Mind Melting Sci-Fi

Legion is something of an enigma in the Marvel universe. A full-blown anti-hero with some equally full-blown mental health issues. In the comics, he...
just tattoo of us season 3

Scotty T Absolutely Smashes it on S3: EP1 of Just Tattoo Of Us

Its back once again, Just Tattoo Of Us season 3 kicked off on MTV on Monday 21 May, with Charlotte Crosby back in the...
westworld logo

Westworld Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Journey Into Night

It’s safe to say that Season 1 of WestWorld was a tour de force. An intelligent and brilliantly acted sci-fi drama series that didn’t...

Latest Netflix News & Reviews

Maniac Netflix

First Trailer For Netflix’s Maniac Brings Us Into It’s Crazy World

We all like a brain-bending series and Maniac looks set to enter the pantheon of weird. We’ve had quite a few mind-melting series’ recently,...
how it ends netflix movie

How It Ends Review: The Netflix Apocalypse Falls Short

How It Ends tells the story of Will, a young rich guy who sets out to find his pregnant Fiance Kat after a strange...
Extinction Trailer

Extinction Review: Something Isn’t Quite Right

Extinction is the latest Sci-Fi movie to be released exclusively for Netflix. Sci-Fi is having a major resurgence at the moment and for once it...
Orange is the new black

Netflix Release Orange Is The New Black Season 6 Trailer

The countdown has finally begun, the new season of Netflix’s prison drama Orange Is The New Black will stream on Friday, July 27 on...

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