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      Where is The Goonies Available to Watch in the UK?

      Everyone loves The Goonies.It’s one of those movies that instantly takes you back to a care free time and epitomises what its like to...
      Mortal Engines

      Latest Mortal Engines Trailer Brings Us Some Plot

      Mortal Engines is based on the books by Phillip Reeve and is directed by Christian Rivers who has previously worked on movies such as...
      hellboy reboot movie poster

      Hellboy Reboot Gets Its First Legendary Poster

      It was somewhat of a surprise when the new Hellboy reboot was announced. Not only did the character already have one and a half...
      dark pheonix

      X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer Sets A New Path For The Franchise

      The recent reboots of the X-Men have been decent and the next chapter X-Men: Dark Phoenix looks as though it could be the end.The...
      bumblebee movie

      Bumblebee Trailer Takes Us Right Back To The 80’s

      The Transformer movies started well but quickly became an all-action joke, Bumblebee looks set to recapture that original excitement.Michael Bay has released the reigns...