The First Aquaman Trailer Has Been Released And It’s Promising

Jason Momoa gives Aquaman his standalone debut in the Aquaman trailer.

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Aquaman has never been the most popular comic book character and has been the butt of fan jokes for years but the Aquaman movie looks set to change that.

A Damp Squib?

DC are certainly trying hard to replicate the huge success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and so far their releases have been fairly hit and miss. Suicide Squad was unique and fun, Batman vs Superman was ok but people weren’t convinced, Wonder Woman was decent and the Justice League was just terrible.

The major issue that the films have had is their odd visual style, relying on some over the top CGI that just looks like a cheap game and meandering storylines.

Dark Waters

The Aquaman trailer certainly maintains that visual style although it’s a little darker than the other films and the unique setting for the film will lend itself to the OTT CGI much more than the others too.

We have of course already seen Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Conan The Barbarian) as Aquaman in the Justice League movie and he’s certainly an improvement on the Seahorse riding, Orange and Green suited comic book character.

The trailer sets the scene well and it seems that the plot will focus on his origin story and an attempt to stop his brother Orm, played by Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring, Insidious), from taking the crown of his kingdom and start a war. So a bit like Thor then?

It certainly looks promising and from what we can see it’s set to be a spectacular looking film. Mamoa plays the anti-hero role well and that appears to be the edge they are looking for with Aquaman.

You can view the trailer below.

Aquaman also stars Amber Heard (Drive Angry, The Rum Diary) as Mera, Nicole Kidman (Days of Thunder, Moulin Rouge) as Queen Atlanna, Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV, The Expendables) as King Nereus and Willem Defoe (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Platoon) as Nuidis Vulko.

Coming up for air

Whilst expectations may be lower than DC might like after the disaster that was the Justice League but it could play in Aquaman’s favour as it leaves a lot of room to prove us wrong. After all, it can’t be that bad, can it?

It may sound like we’re being negative and maybe we are but we’re also quietly confident that this film could be the boost that DC need at the moment. We’d almost go so far as to say we’re looking forward to it.

Aquaman is released in the UK on 14th December 2018 so we don’t have too long to wait.

Are you looking forward to Aquaman? Let us know in the comments.


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