Where is The Goonies Available to Watch in the UK?

Goonies never say die!

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Everyone loves The Goonies. Right?

It’s one of those movies that instantly takes you back to a care free time and epitomises what its like to be a kid.

With the added fantasy of going on a wild and dangerous adventure with your friends on the hunt for pirate treasure whilst being pursued by criminals who want it too.

The Goonies is pure, high grade 80’s nostalgia and will put a smile on your face

However, the big question remains, is the Goonies available to watch in the UK right now?

The good news is that yes, the Goonies is currently to watch right now and it’s on Netflix UK and its in HD quality too.

So, what are you waiting for, especially if you have Netflix.

Grab the family (or friends, heck…why not both) some popcorn and go watch one of the greatest family movies ever made.

You won’t regret watching this 80’s classic again that’s for sure!


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