Incredibles 2 New Trailer Is Here Ahead of Cinema Release

incredibles 2
Image Source: Disney/Pixar
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The Incredibles are back this summer for what looks like it could be an epic family movie with equal lashings of laughs and action that will most likely fill cinema seats everywhere.

The Disney Pixar sequel to the hit 2004 movie looks set to up the ante by the looks of the new trailer that has come out ahead of a June 15th 2018 release in the US. U.K. fans of the superhero family movie will have a longer wait as its not out until July 13th.

The Incredibles 2 follows on from the first movie with the family struggling to adapt to normal non-superhero life with Mr. Incredible a stay at home dad whereas his wife Elastigirl is still out fighting crime.

The movie looks very polished as you’d expect and we think will be a box office smash hit.

Here’s the new trailer so you can see for yourself how much fun this movie looks like it will be.

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