New Netflix Apocalyptic Movie How It Ends Looks Utterly Amazing

how it ends netflix movie
Image Source: YouTube Screenshot | Netflix
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Netflix have a new original movie coming out called How It Ends and from what we’ve seen it looks like it could be a good movie, well if you love disaster movies that is.

What is Netlfix’s How It Ends about?

How It Ends is set in present day America and everything is normal until a mysterious apocalypse shuts down communications, electricity and leaves everyone in the dark as to what’s happening.

Now you would think the best thing is to stay put, however main character Theo James pregant wife is in the other side of the states in Seattle and loses communications with her on a video call as chaos breaks out everywhere.

So, being a good husband, he sets out with her father (played by Forest Whitaker) across America to go and rescue her whilst being unaware of what disasters and potential lawlessness they may encounter on the way due to no news, electricity, radio and so on. Luckily her father is an ex-military man from the looks of things so expect some kick ass moments there as they make there away cross country.

In fact check out the trailer for yourself and see for yourself.

What caused the disaster then?

We don’t know, perhaps they are going down the same route of movies like The Road where we never find out what caused it but focused on the humanity (or lack of it) in the case of that movie, however it looks like ol’ Yellowstone goes kaput so maybe its a load of earthquakes that were the precursor to the big eruption?

Or maybe its Aliens that have attacked in How It Ends, after all Netflix do have the Cloverfield rights now don’t they. We’ll just to wait and see if all is revealed when it comes out.

When is How It Ends out?

How It Ends is out on Netflix on Friday 13th July 2018 globally (nice touch Netflix) so if you love movies like 2012, San Andreas, Volcano, Dante’s Peak and any other disaster movie you can think of then you can start getting excited.

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