Sylvester Stallone Teases Fans With Rambo 5 Social Media Post

Image Source: Youtube
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Film star legend Sylvester Stallone teased fans on Social Media recently with a post about the upcoming Rambo 5 movie.

Stallone has played the Vietnam veteran four times so far with the most recent instalment of the Rambo franchise in 2008.

Plans for a fifth film were announced in 2008 with fans eagerly waiting for a new chapter, with Stallone finally confirming in 2018 a Fall 2019 release date for Rambo V which would be directed and co-written by the main man himself.

The moment that fans had been waiting for was teased more recently when Stallone himself took to Twitter and Instagram posting an image of John Rambo holding a machete with the message “Starting soon and getting very excited… The world may be changing but not him. NOTHING IS OVER!

The fifth instalment of the film is expected to pick up where the fourth movie left off. After relocating to the United States, Rambo now lives in Arizona at the family ranch and will team up with a journalist to rescue young women from a sex trafficking ring.

Will keep you updated with anything we hear about Rambo V.


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