Could ‘The Meg’ Starring Jason Statham be Jaws for Millennials?

Get out of the water!!!

the meg jason statham 2018 jaws movie

Disaster movies seem to be making a bit of a comeback, don’t they? This year The Meg adds to that new wave (pun very definitely intended) with a brand new take on a classic format.

The Meg is a Chinese/American joint production and is directed by John Turteltaub (National Treasure, Cool Runnings) and stars Jason Statham. The Meg of the title is an actual Megalodon – a truly enormous prehistoric shark thought to be long extinct.

So The Meg is a Statham vehicle?

Undoubtedly, yes. Although Mr Statham is at his craggy, mono-syllabic best it seems to me that the real star of the show is the shark itself. In these days of ultra-realistic C.G.I, this thing is truly terrifying. We’ve come a long way since the silly rubbery prosthetics of Jaws. Here, see what you think:

So not only do we have The Meg, but his natural and every-bit-as-formidable enemy, the giant squid. Both creatures are staple disaster flick monsters, but seem to have been rendered in gloriously life-like fashion.

Added in to The Meg, we have a decent cast: Rainn Wilson (The Office), Li Bingbing (Forgotten Kingdom), and Ruby Rose (Orange Is The New Black) as the main back-up crew. With liberal sprinklings of humour from all and some stunning-looking set pieces.

The production values are high with this. The calibre of acting seems equally credible. These factors mark it at significantly higher than your generic, run-of-the-mill fare. We think this could well be the sleeper hit of the year, and if it does do reasonably at the box office there will inevitably be further chapters.

What do you think about The Meg? Is it strictly a B-movie effort, or has it sufficient merit to elevate it to an A-list blockbuster? Tell us below, we need to know!

The Meg is out in the US on the 10th August. Just in time for when everyone will be hitting the beach or will they after seeing this?

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