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      Love Island

      Need Something New to Binge? Love Island is Coming to Netflix

      We all love nothing better than a good old boxset binge, well reality TV fans best clear some space in their diaries, because the...
      just tattoo of us season 3

      Just Tattoo of Us Season 3: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

      Just Tattoo of Us is finally going to be back on our screens very soon, with MTV announcing not only the date of the...
      shipwrecked channel 4

      Classic Reality Show Shipwrecked Could be Making a Comeback

      Back in the day before the likes of reality shows like Love Island and The Island were on our TV’s, channel 4 introduced us...
      geordie shore season 17

      Geordie Shore Goes Down Under For Season 17

      The Geordie Shore cast is heading down under in the newest season, which will be back on our screens in May. Not only are the...
      Love Island

      When Does Love Island 2018 Start? Here is Everything you Need to Know

      With the weather not that great in the UK at the moment, it feels like everyone just needs a bit of sun in their...