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      Love Island Brexit

      Are These the Five Most Memorable Moments of Love Island 2018 so Far?

      It seems there is a lot going on this summer in the UK, everyone is hitting the beach because for once we have had...
      love island 2018 week 5

      A New Coupling up See’s 4 Islanders Leave in Week Five of Love Island

      Love Island is now in its sixth week, which means there are only a few weeks left to go and then our summer marathon...
      Love Island Twitter

      12 New Contestants and Casa Amor Return in W4 of Love Island

      It’s been another crazy week in the Love Island villa, with two people leaving and then 12 new faces turning up. Week 4 has...
      rosie love island 2018

      Rosie Leaves the Love Island Villa at the End of Week 3

      It seems like forever that Love Island has been on our TV’s, not that it's only in its fourth week. That just goes to show...
      dani love island

      Two New Islanders Join Love Island at the End of Week 2

      Oh, what a difference a week has made to the Love Island Villa and a complete change of viewers opinions of people in the...