12 New Contestants and Casa Amor Return in W4 of Love Island

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It’s been another crazy week in the Love Island villa, with two people leaving and then 12 new faces turning up. Week 4 has most certainly been my favourite week of Love Island so far.

Here is our weekly lowdown on what has been happening in Week 4 of Love Island.

Eyal and Zara Leave the Villa

It seemed like it was only a matter of time before the villa would be saying a goodbye to Eyal. Let’s face it the guy hasn’t really been that lucky in love, has he?

During the first week Eyal paired up with Hayley but, it was soon clear to see that these two were certainly no match made in heaven. Eyal annoyed the hell out of Hayley and if we are all honest after the second week in the villa he annoyed the hell out of all of us too.

Week two saw things looking up slightly for Eyal when Megan entered the villa. To viewers at home, she seemed like the nice quiet ideal girl that you would want to take home to meet your parents and we were all rooting for her to find love with Doctor Alex.

However, after a couple of days in the villa, it was Eyal who won the girl and the nation breathed a sigh of relief when Megan’s true colours were shown and Alex was safe out of the way from her advances.

Unfortunately for Eyal things weren’t to last with Megan when her head was soon turned towards Wes and she ended their fling. Then Just as Eyal was making his move on Ellie it was time for him to leave the villa as the girls voted him out on Monday night.

Also to leave the villa on Monday was Adam’s new love interest, Zara, she got chosen to leave the villa by the boys after being the lowest of girls to stay in the villa for another week.

Let’s be honest shall we, I think the boys made the right choice with picking Zara, let’s face it has she really been missed since leaving? And after last night’s episode, it looks like it hasn’t taken Adam too long to move on.

The Wes, Laura and Megan Triangle

Wes and Laura had been a couple from the very start and although viewers had different opinions on the couple one thing seemed for sure, they both seemed to really like each other.

Over the weeks it did appear that cracks were beginning to show in their relationship, but when you are with someone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week it’s normal for the bickering to start. There is after all only so much time you can spend with someone.

Well, those cracks really did open up in week 4, when after finishing things with Eyal and ignoring all “Girl Code” Megan decided that Wes was the next target on her list and she didn’t seem to care what Laura thought about that.

I mean this girls got balls, who would dare ask a “friends” fella for a cheeky kiss, whilst confessing that they fancy them? Megan would that’s for sure, and we all thought Muggy Mike was bad last year, it’s time to pave the way for Muggy Megan instead.

Jack and Dani Become Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived in week 4 of Love Island. Jack decided that Dani was certainly the woman for him and he asked her to be his girlfriend.

This was by far the cutest moment of the series so far and fans of the show instantly took to Social Media sharing the happy couple’s news.

The Doors of Casa Amor are Opened

The boys in the villa went to bed after receiving a secret text about a boys day out the next morning, all the boys knew about this was that they would have to get up early and quietly get ready without waking the girls.

What the boys didn’t know was that their relationships would soon be put to the ultimate test when little trip saw the return of the second Love Island villa Casa Amor.

Not only that but 12 new contestants would be entering the villas to try and spice things up or look for love as 6 new guys entered the Love Island villa with the six original girls and six new gals entered the Casa Amor villa with the six original boys and just to add to the mix new girl Ellie is the girl that Jack was seeing just before he entered the villa.

Now we all know how this works out, don’t we? Casa Amor was first introduced to Love Island last year in series 3 when the boys from the Love Island villa went to stay in Casa Amour for a few days.

Just like last year the boys were not alone in the villa but were joined by some new girls and also some drama. Remember Kem Cetinay kissed Chyna Ellis even though he was settled with original girl Amber Davis and Marcel snogged Shannen Reilly whilst he was supposed to be getting cosy with Gabby Allen?

Of course, this was not kept a secret from the other girls back at the villa when they received a postcard of what the boys had been getting up too. So it’s safe to say we all know what’s about to happen to this year’s lot, don’t we?

Get Jack Back to Dani

Everyone’s favourite couple Jack and Dani need to be reunited, since leaving the villa and moving to Casa Amor it’s clear to see that these two are miserable without each other.

They have both stayed completely loyal to each other since they have been split up with both of them refusing to share a bed with any of the newbies with Jack choosing to sleep outside and Dani sleeping in her bed alone.

However, things took a bad turn for Dani at the end of last night’s episode when she was shown a video of what the boys had been up to in the Casa Amor villa and it was soon revealed that Jack was in the villa with his ex-girlfriend. Don’t worry though Dani, Jack has been a been a good boy and has been completely loyal to you.

Hurry up ITV2 and get Jack and Dani back together.

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