Are These the Five Most Memorable Moments of Love Island 2018 so Far?

Love Island Brexit
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It seems there is a lot going on this summer in the UK, everyone is hitting the beach because for once we have had glorious weather, with a heatwave that is hopefully set to continue throughout the weeks.

Even though England didn’t make it through to the final of the World Cup, the whole country seems to hold massive respect for the team and the manager Gareth Southgate and are excited to see what’s next for the England team.

In amongst that is this year’s favourite reality TV show Love Island, which has had viewers hooked from the start. We love it and get hooked every year and this year has been no different.

Whether you watch it or not you definitely won’t have gotten away with not hearing about it. Twitter/Facebook and our Instagram feeds are full of it, even Pierce Morgan is talking about it, although his comments haven’t been that great, at least he is still talking about the programme and knows what it is.

With that in mind here are our top 5 most memorable moments of Love Island 2018 so far.

Jack Asks Dani to be His Girlfriend

They have been together from the very first episode of Love Island when Jack walked into the villa it seemed he only had eyes for Dani and picked her straight away to couple up with.

These two have gone from strength to strength but it hasn’t always been plain sailing for the couple. During the Islanders first week, whilst taking part in a game, it was revealed that Jack had in fact cheated on all of his previous girlfriends.

After a bit of thought, Dani decided to give the lad a second chance and viewers were made up when Jack finally asked Dani to be his girlfriend.

The Brexit Talk

This was the moment that proved to viewers of the show, that you may look drop dead gorgeous and have men falling at your feet but you also need to have a little something going on upstairs to really have the whole package.

Whilst sunning themselves by the pool, the girls decided to talk about Brexit. However, some of them should have just kept quiet as they had no idea what they were talking about.

The Love Island Yorkshire Soap Opera

With the girls out of the villa trying to mend friendships, Jack, Wes and Josh decide to entertain the rest of the lads with some comedy respite trying to pull off their very own Love Island soap opera.

Eyal Confronts Hayley

After hearing from the lads that the girl he is coupled up had actually been bad mouthing him to everyone in the villa, Eyal decides to confront Hayley with what he has heard. Cue the crocodile tears.

Jack and Dani reunite

It was the moment that everybody had been waiting for, after spending a few days in the Casa Amour villa Jack and the rest of the lads were due to return to the Love Island villa where Jack would finally be reunited with Dani.

With just a few weeks left of the show, we are sure our list will be added to as no doubt the Islanders will keep us entertained until the very end.


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