A Best Friends Prank Goes too Far in S7 EP9 of Catfish

catfish s7 ep9

In S7 EP9 of Catfish, Nev and Max head to NYC to help Infiniti, a 19-year-old dancer who is certain that her online romance is the real deal.

But when Nev and Max dig deep, they find Infiniti’s bae is far shadier than they ever imagined.

Who is Being Catfished in S7 EP9?

19-year-old Dancer Infiniti from New York has got in touch with Nev and Max after starting an online relationship with a guy called Dave, who she met on Facebook. He messaged her out of the blue saying that he had seen her in the neighborhood and that they should go out on a date.

Dave then sent her his number, they text all the time but they have never spoken on the phone. When Infiniti does try to call him she either can’t hear him or he makes an excuse not to talk to her. When he does text her he does it from different numbers, the current number he is using is a California number.

Dave claims to be 25 and also lives in New York, he is the first person that Infiniti talks to in the morning and the last person before she goes to sleep. Even though Infiniti and Dave both live in New York the two of them have never met as he always seems to have an excuse not too.

All Infiniti knows about Dave is that he travels a lot for work, he claims that he used to be a rapper but he has now retired and that his surname’s Washington.

Infiniti is sure that Dave is who he says he is, she tells the guys that he makes her feel good when she is feeling down and is very supportive of her, he is the kind of person that she needs in her life.

Nev and Max are not Convinced

Max is convinced that it’s going to be a trainwreck and I have to agree it doesn’t sound good for Infiniti does it? With that in mind they want to see Dave’s Instagram page but what do you know Infiniti can’t seem to find it, has Dave blocked her? It certainly looks that way.

Infiniti mentions that she sent Dave a message about the show and he told her not to get Catfish involved, surely that says it all, doesn’t it? He can’t be who he claims to be, Infiniti however still believes that Dave is who he says he, she obviously just wrote into the show in the hope that she would finally get to meet Dave.

Unable to get into Dave’s Instagram she gives Nev and Max his username so that they can do some digging, along with the names of two of her friends that they can also get in touch with. She also shows Nev some of the messages that she and Dave have shared including the rude texts where Dave has asked Infiniti to send him some naughty photos.

What Will Nev and Max Find out?

The first thing the guys do is speak to Nelly who is Infiniti’s BFF, Nelly tells them that she and Infiniti were supposed to meet Dave in Miami, What??? This is news to them and not something that Infiniti mentioned. Anyway, Dave never showed up.

When the image search comes up with nothing, they find him on Instagram and reach out to a couple of his followers.

Now, this is where it starts to get interesting, a search of Dave’s phone number brings up a 35-year-old guy called Macksimo and a link to his Facebook page, which shows that he lives in New York and also that he travels a lot. From some of his pictures on his profile page it also looks like he is a dirty old man looking to speak to young girls.

Thinking that Dave is actually some dirty old perv talking to Infiniti, Nev and Max want desperately want to find out who this guy is, so they message him via Facebook. When they get no response they text on the number Infiniti has for him, which results in Dave calling them.

Dave tells Nev and Max that he has been super busy so has been unable to meet Infiniti, however, he will text them an address and meet up with them all later as there are some things he needs to clear up with the girl.

Who is Dave?

After filling Infiniti in on what they have found out about the mystery man its time to find out who Dave really is.

Dave is her friend Ray who she has known for a few years, he says that he really likes her but has never asked her out because he didn’t think that she would be interested in him. However, he has recently started talking to someone so he can’t pursue anything with her. So not only did he lie to her he has also made her feel like rubbish because he no longer wants to be with her, how messed up is that?

Here Comes The Twist

The next day Nev receives a call from someone call Kabriah who the guys reached out to the other day but were unable to get hold of. Kabriah wants to let Nev and Max know that Ray is not the Catfish, that he took the fall for somebody else and that they should talk to Infiniti’s friend Jonielle.

Jonielle is actually Infiniti’s BFF Nelly, so Nev calls her to get her to meet them at Infinitis house as she is upset with what happened with Ray yesterday and could do with her best friend for support.

Infiniti is in for a shock she is sure that there is no way her best friend would be involved but the poor girl is wrong. Ray was never the catfish is was Nelly the whole time and her reason for doing it was to pay Infiniti back for giving a boy her phone number in high school. She seems like a girl that can hold a grudge.

Nelly claims that it was just a prank that went too far and that she asked Ray to take the fall for her so that Infiniti wouldn’t find out it was her so-called best friend. The whole reason she asked for the dirty pictures was that she knew her friend wouldn’t send them and hoped that it would put her off so that she would stop talking ‘Dave’ and the whole situation could end.

Two Months Later

After writing her friend a letter apologizing for what she did, Nelly took Infiniti too Miami on vacation.

Infiniti is now over Dave and has a new boo.

Don’t forget Catfish is on Wednesday nights on MTV, if you miss it you can catch up with it on Now TV.

Catfish S7 EP9


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