Can Nev and Max Save a Marriage in Season 7 Episode 12 of Catfish?

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The guys receive an email from Mike whose wife is a webcam model. In the email Mike tells the boys that whilst working, Nina started speaking to a guy called Jon who she hit it off with straight away and who seems eager for Nina to end her relationship with husband Mike.

Jon comes across as a bit of a show-off, claiming to have an array of expensive cars along with his own private jet, yep already this sounds too good to be true. Maybe this Jon guy is a fan of the Fifty Shades books/movies and wants to be Christian Grey.

Mike, however, is not convinced and wants to prove to his wife that Jon is lying to her and he is not who he says he is.

Jon claims that he had a fiance a few years ago who died in a car accident, yes Catfish fans it’s that old chestnut again. Not only that, Jon also claims that he was in a car accident that left him in a coma. I wonder how many times the Catfish team have heard that story now?

Mike desperately needs Nev and Max’s help to prove to his wife Nina that Jon is not telling her the truth, after nearly coming between their marriage once before, Mike is desperate for that not to happen again and wants nothing more but for Nina to stop talking to Jon.

Mike and Nina have been married twice (to each other) they got divorced six years ago but then decided to give their relationship another go and remarried.

Who is Jon?

Jon claims to be 35, single and has no children (Mike and Nina have two sons together). According to Nina, Jon wanted to get to know her on a more personal level rather than through webcam. He purchased her personal number and they text back and forth as well as speaking on the phone.

Although Jon won’t video chat with Nina they have arranged to meet in person a number of times but typically Jon never goes through with it.

Nina mentions that it has never been about the money with Jon (she has received $22,000 in tips from Jon),  the two of them just have a good connection and have genuine feelings for each other. Nina just wants to know what could have been or what could be by finding out exactly who the real Jon is. It seems like the last attempt to see whether or not she could be happy with someone else. 

You can’t help but feel sorry for Mike during this episode, he’s either really bloody stupid or he is desperately in love with his wife and no matter what the outcome he just wants her to be happy.

Nina Just Wants the Best of Both Worlds

Eager to help Nina get out of an unhappy marriage, Jon offered to pay for Nina’s divorce. Believing what Jon said to her, Nina left her husband and two children, packed a bag and moved into a hotel, with the promise that Jon would follow.  However, it was a long wait for Nina as Jon never turned up.

It seems that this woman is rather popular when it comes to the men as she confesses to Nev and Max that there are a couple of other people that could, in fact, be pretending to be Jon.

  • Miles – Webcam friend who Nina met whilst he was really ill and needed an oxygen tank with him constantly.
  • Midnight – A friend with an obsession with Nina, he put her name on his business truck and named his dog after her.
  • Donnie – Has been obsessed with Nina since high school.

Time to do Some Digging

What better place for Nev and Max to dig some dirt on Jon than a cat cafe, yep in America these places actually exist.

Nina has emailed over the following information that she has on Jon. His full name (Jon Flynn), phone number and his Facebook page.

Nev and Max are pretty sure that even though his Facebook page has the same information that Jon has told Nina, his love of cars, he seems to travel a lot, the fact that he only has twenty-odd friends makes the page look fake. The only thing left to do is to call Jon Flynn.

Of course, the call goes straight to voicemail, however, its followed by a text from Jon asking who it is. It’s the Catfish team Jon, it looks like your time is up.

After getting Jon to agree to fly out to LA, the guys relay everything to Nina who is both nervous and excited to meet Jon. If Jon is who he says he is this could be a brand new life for her.

Again you can’t help but think about husband Miles and her two children. What will happen if Jon has been telling the truth? Will, she just pack her bags and start a new life with him?

Without sounding too harsh, this was one of those episodes when you really hope that everything is a lie.

Time to Meet Jon

After nervously waiting a while in the park, Jon appears from the shadows. Guess what? He’s not the Jon in the photos. Nina doesn’t recognise this guy at all, so who is?

Jon is actually Miles and the reason Nina doesn’t recognise him is that his appearance has changed since the last time she saw him, oh and he no longer requires an oxygen tank.

Since then he has lost the weight and is no longer ill. He explains that he was too afraid to confess to Nina who he really was although everything he told her with regards to his feelings or Jon’s feelings was true.

Miles says that he wanted to confess to her a number of times but he felt that if she found out who he really was she wouldn’t be interested.

So why didn’t he show up at the hotel when Nina left Mike and moved in?

What Nina failed to mention to Nev and Max was that husband Mike followed her to the hotel and that there was an altercation and the police were called. Miles explains that he didn’t want to make the situation worse by turning up.

However, as far as Nina is concerned he left her there alone and upset with no one to turn too and it seems that that is unforgivable.

I’m not really sure that’s the reason that she doesn’t want anything to do with Miles, I think she is absolutely gutted that the lifestyle that she was probably promised by Jon can’t happen because Jon doesn’t exist.

2 months later

Nina and Mike are working on their marriage. Nina is happy now Mike has been more attentive towards her and things are going well. She has had no contact with Miles.

Miles misses Nina but wishes nothing but the best for her.

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