Charlotte and Friends Return for Season 4 of Just Tattoo of Us

just tattoo of us season 4
Image Source: MTV
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The popular MTV series Just Tattoo of Us will be back for a fourth season later this month and this time around host Charlotte Crosby will be bringing her friends with her to help her host the show.

After splitting up from her then-boyfriend Stephen Bear after the second season of the show, Charlotte was joined by her old Geordie Shore pal Scotty T to host the third series.

Scotty seemed to be rather popular with fans of the show, however, the lovable Geordie has been axed for the newest series to make way for Charlotte’s friends and her current boyfriend Joshua Ritchie.

Like the previous series, the show will see celebrities and civilians brave the tattoo parlour with their friends and loved ones as they take the ultimate risk of letting the person that they trust, design a tattoo for them and then have it inked onto their skin.

Just Tattoo of Us tweeted a clip of what’s in store for the new series, check it out below.

Season 4 of Just Tattoo of Us starts on Monday 29th October 2018 at 10 pm on MTV.


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