The Craziest Catfish Episodes From Seasons 1-6 That You Have to Watch

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Before we commence with our pick of the most shocking and craziest Catfish Episodes from Season 1 through 6 let’s go right back to where Catfish all started shall we?

In 2010 the documentary film, Catfish, came out which featured a young Nev Schulman being filmed by his brother and friend (co-directors Ariel and Henry).

The gist of the story is that a child prodigy artist sends Nev a painting of one of his photographs. They soon become Facebook friends and over time he also becomes friends with the rest of her family, her teenage siblings, her parents Angela and Vince and Abby’s hot sister Megan.

Nev soon starts to develop feelings for Megan and the pair enjoy late night phone calls and saucy text messages.

Without ruining it too much for those of you who haven’t seen the movie, basically Nev, Ariel and Henry decide to travel to Ishpeming to meet Megan and the rest of the family that he has been talking to and discover the truth about the Wesselman family and what would be the start of the hit MTV show Catfish!

So without further ado here are our favourite episodes of each season to date so far that you need to watch if you haven’t already as these are some of the craziest Catfish episodes ever!

Sunny & Jamison – Season 1

Sunny & Jamison Catfish

We should really start with the first ever person to be CATFISHED on the show. Sunny had to meet Jamison on Facebook and had started up an online relationship with the young guy. Jamison seemed like her perfect guy, not only was he a full-time model he’s also a writer for Chelsea Lately AND an online anaesthesiology student…Damn, he’s busy.

Sunny was desperate to meet the guy of her dreams and wanted nothing more than for him to be everything that he had told her, however, the clue is in the title and do dreams really come true?

With the help of MTV’s hottest new stars, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph Sunny’s dreams are soon shattered, when she finds out that Jamison is not the hot young busy guy she thought he was.

Jamison turns out to be Chelsea, a confused young girl who decides to create the Jamison profile to get her own back on a girl that used to bully her at school. She took it to the next step when she started her 8-month online relationship with Sunny and appears to show no remorse when she is confronted by the Catfish team.

However after a day to think about her actions and another meet up with the guys, she admits to being bisexual and explain’s how hard its been living in a small town trying to deal with her sexuality.


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