A Familiar Face is Catfishing Again in S7 EP8 of Catfish

catfish season 7 episode 8
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Mandy is in love with a guy that gives her everything except the truth! Mandy’s son Quentin has had enough and calls in Nev and Max for help in S7 EP8 of Catfish.

But following a trail of clues only takes them deeper down the rabbit hole.

Who is being catfished?

Quentin lives in Michigan with his mum Mandy and wants Nev and Max to help him find out who it is that his mum is talking too online.

The person claims that they are called Jose and they live in Detroit, according to Quentin his mum has been dating Jose for the past two years and even though they only live an hour away from each other they have never met.

Quentin tells Nev and Max that he overheard his mum on the phone talking someone claiming that she had been stood up, but there is a slight twist to this story, his mum uses a fake profile too, she uses pictures of her sister, it looks like she is catfishing too.

Time to Meet Mandy

With a load of information received Nev and Max head to Detroit to meet Quentin and his mum Mandy.

Mandy explains that she had been in a toxic eight-year relationship previously, the poor woman found out that her ex-partner had been sleeping with her sister, she had had her suspicions so made a fake profile using her sisters photo basically pretending to be her and this was the brutal way that she found out, that really is harsh.

Obviously at a massive low point after finding this out she continued to use her sister’s profile and this is how she met Jose. He sent her a friend request, which she accepted. The two of them started messaging and she opened up to Jose about her sister and her ex.

Jose was really understanding and told Mandy all the things she wanted to hear, she feels like he really cares about her. However they haven’t spoken on the phone due to the fact that Jose doesn’t have a phone, come on Mandy its 2018 everyone has a phone these days. Jose has also stood her up three times, the last time they were supposed to meet up at the local nightclub Bongos, but once again he was a no-show.

Is Jose Real?

As Jose is rather secretive the only thing that Nev and Max have to go on is the guys/girls Facebook page and with the help from Nev’s wife Laura they want to try to get to the bottom of who this person really is.

The image search of some of Jose’s Facebook pictures bring up nothing, however, after scrolling through his page, they notice a post from a friend of his called Rachel. Rachel wrote on Jose’s wall “See you at Bongos tonight lol? Hang on a minute Bongos that was the place that Mandy was supposed to meet him. What’s going on here then?

It’s actually good to have a woman helping our, because like Laura I thought that sounds like someone who knows the situation with Mandy and is having a dig at it. This only means one thing they are going to have to message Rachel.

The guys also reach out to another one of Jose’s friends, a guy named Shawn who says that he doesn’t know Jose personally, he just made a comment on something for his friend Rachel.

Who is Rachel?

Shawn tells the guys after calling Rachel that she doesn’t believe that the Catfish team is trying to get hold of her, she says that if it’s really them they should go to her house.

Nev and Max don’t need telling twice and head over to Rachel’s house, but surprise surprise there is no one home. What’s wrong with the woman? If someone told me that Nev and Max were heading to my house, I would be making cups of tea and plating up biscuits and cake ready for their arrival.

With hardly anything to go on the team head back to meet up with Mandy and Quentin to let them know what they have managed to find out, and what do you know whilst there they receive a message from Rachel saying she never made it home but will come and meet them now.

What Lies Will Rachel Spin?

According to Rachel, Jose is her friend that she met at Bongo’s, she says that there is nothing going on between the two of them but that Jose has mentioned Mandy to her and that she has nothing to worry about because he is in fact really into her.

This all sounds too good to be true, which of course it is, Rachel claims that Jose does have a phone and at the moment he is in Tennessee. Rachel thinks that Jose has actually moved to Tennessee and she claims that in fact, she doesn’t really talk to him that much anymore and that perhaps Mandy should just forget about him and move on.

Before she leaves she gives Nev Jose’s phone number, finally they have something else to go on. However, the call goes straight to voicemail.  Finally, they receive a text from the number asking who it is.

Nev texts back telling Jose who he is and that he would love to talk to him if he has time. But Jose says that he is sorry but he is currently in Tennessee and has no plans to come back. This just seems to be getting dodgier and dodgier.

You can’t play the Catfish Team

Now with the show currently in its seventh season, the guys have learned a lot over the years and have found new ways to find out about a person and get to the bottom of whether they are in fact a catfish.

We all now know about image searching thanks to the show and to check out URL’s on Facebook but now there is a new site called Grabify.

Grabify does a number of things and one of those is tracking IP addresses from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With an IP address you can find out the location of the person using it, and that is exactly what Nev does to find out just exactly where Jose is.

Bingo, the guy is in Michigan, not Tennessee, and once Nev informs him that they do in fact know exactly where he is he finally agrees to meet up with them. However, he doesn’t want to see Mandy just yet as its going to be tough. Just what is he hiding?

Is Jose who he says he is?

Turns out the address that the guys have been giving for Jose is the same address that they turned up to yesterday to meet Rachel.

Wait a minute who is this at the door? We have seen this face before, its Chastity the catfishing culprit from way back in season 2, WHAT?!?

In season 2, Chastity created a fake profile in order on to spy on her baby daddy so what the hell is she doing catfishing Mandy.

Well a couple of years ago she heard that Mandy’s sister was hanging out with her baby daddy so she created the Jose profile to spy and friended Mandy’s sister, well who she thought was her sister, it was actually Mandy using her sister’s profile. Wait a minute there’s more, Chastity and Mandy are in fact cousins.

When Chasity finally realized that it was, in fact, Mandy she was talking to and not her Mandy’s sister, instead of ending their conversations she carried on hoping to cheer Mandy up as she wasn’t in the best of places.

There seems to be a massive rift in the family, even though they are cousins Mandy and Chastity don’t talk, and Chastity says that she wishes that her cousin was in her life as she seems like a really nice person. This just seems a little bit messed up to me.

Will Mandy Forgive and Forget?

Poor Mandy is absolutely shocked to find out who was behind the catfish, understandably she is really upset and feels humiliated by her family once again.

I felt so sorry for Mandy during the reveal, imagine telling someone lots of personal things about yourself to then find out that you were confiding in a family member that you have nothing to do with. No wonder the woman feels hurt and embarrassed. Like Mandy, I am not sure I would ever be able to forgive and forget.

3 months later

Mandy and Chastity have been talking and have also been going to the gym together.

Chastity is hoping not to catfish again.

You can catch up on this episode on Now TV. Don’t forget Catfish Season 7 is on MTV Wednesdays at 9 pm in the UK.

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