Just Tattoo of Us Season 2 Finale – Season 2 Episode 10 Review

Just tattoo of us - ep9 bear and charlotte

It’s the last episode of season 2 of Just Tattoo of Us and what an emotional roller coaster this has been.

Check out what happened in the finale episode of season 2, EP10 of Just Tattoo Of Us. If you missed episode 9 then you can find out more about this episode and what happened in it here.

Olivia & Alex

Hot Love Island couple Olivia and Alex are the first two people to enter the TV tattoo parlor this week.  They have recently got engaged and do everything together, live together go to the gym together and even finish each other’s sentences.

Alex is a bit of a baby when it comes to his pain threshold and admits that he will probably scream like a baby when he gets his tattoo done.

Alex says that Olivia’s bad habits are that she drinks too much milk. Milk??? Hang on a minute mate surely that’s not a bad thing, it means she is getting plenty of calcium. I wouldn’t really say that was a bad habit.

They both already have tattoos, although Alex is scared of getting another one done.

The artists who are designing the tattoos are Atom and Danny and Olivia gets to see her design for Alex first, although we haven’t seen it yet we’re not too sure she is going to win the Girlfriend of the Year award, knowing full well that her fiancé is a baby when it comes to pain and that none of his previous tattoos are coloured tattoos, she has gone all out with this and wants a colour tattoo because it will hurt more.

Alex’s up next to see his design for Olivia, the poor guy is more nervous than when he popped the question to Olivia.  The design is exactly how he pictured it. Time to switch booths and get inked.

Alex’s tattoo is going on his left hip and Olivia’s is going on her right thigh, and when whilst getting inked up they are both finding the pain too much, come on guys you have had tattoos down before you know they don’t get licked on by kittens.

The Reveal

It’s now time to find out what these lovebirds have done to each other, now the tattoo is over and done with Alex is relieved but worried about what his design is. Olivia’s is unsure as to whether she is going to kiss him or kill him.

Just tattoo of us season 10

Alex is first up to see what his future wife has done to him, It’s a ‘s baby getting a tattoo, and the reason Olivia got this design is that Alex is such a baby he is when it comes to getting tattoos, he normally doesn’t get inked without the numbing cream.

Olivia’s turn now, due to her loving milk, she has a picture of herself riding a cow, safe to say the wedding is still on.

Brooke & Chelsea

Best friends Brooke and Chelsea are the second pair of contestants to get inked, apparently, we may remember Chelsea from MTV’S Geordie Shore. Briefly Chelsea, briefly.

They call themselves the terrible twosome and apparently bring out the best and worst in each other. They met ten years ago and now work together. They have never had an argument with each other and say they trust each other completely.

The artists designing the girls tattoos are Cally Joe and John. Artist Cally-Joe admits to being shocked when she got the design brief for Chelsea’s tattoo, but Chelsea appears to be made up with the design for her friend.

John has designed Brookes tattoo for Chelsea, and both Brooke and Charlotte love it.

Brookes design is going on her arm and Chelsea’s will end up the bottom of her back. Chelsea thinks that both of the girls may have gone too far.

The Reveal

Both girls are looking really scared, Brooke actually looks like she is going to break down, has her friend been nice or stitched her up?

The girl is in absolute pieces once the fear goggles are removed and seem to be unsure of what it is. A bit of help from Chelsea is needed. It’s a tattoo that says ‘I love licking bum’ in Chinese, and the reason it’s in Chinese is that they get a lot of Chinese men where they work, so they will all be able to understand what it says.just tattoo of us rainbow bed

Chelsea’s turn next and before she gets to see the design Brooke says she loves it, Chelsea is terrified. It’s a tattoo of her own bed with a rainbow stain on it. Apparently, Chelsea slept with a guy once and wet the bed, when she woke they were multi-color wet patches on the bed. She then got an inbox from the guy with a picture of the rainbow bed.

Maybe she is a Unicorn in disguise.

Alicia & Louise

Two faces you may remember from season one are back on the show and the final pair to be tattooed. Now these girls hold no bars when it comes to designing each other tattoos. Last time on the show Alicia Had a poo-in-a-box tattoo and Louise had a tampon tattoed on her upper leg.

These two are back with a vengeance after their first time on the show getting their legendary tattoos  Charlotte reckons that the girls might be back to do something nice for each other. Come off it Charlotte, that’s not going to happen.

Danny and Charl are the artists designing the tattoos Both of these cranks are happy with their designs for each other.  Alicia’s tattoo is going just above her bikini line and Louise’s will be her left bum cheek. Time for the fear goggles to go on so the girls can’t peak.

The Reveal

Alicia is really worried, she is really positive that she has been completely stitched up by her pal, can these two outdo themselves after their last tattoos.

An upset Alicia is up first and by the looks on her friend, Charlotte and Bears face’s this one looks like it might be really bad. It’s an ‘I Love Benidorm’ tattoo with a dolphin,  its really tacky and Alicia hates it.just tattoo of us louise and alicia

Time for Louise to find out whether her tattoo is worse and by the looks on everyone else’s faces we can’t wait to find out what it is. It’s a naughty one… It’s both of the girls entangled in a position that only two women could possibly do (you can work out what it is), and the story behind this tattoo is that apparently the girls tried but failed to do this when they were drunk.

With Geordie Shore’s Scotty T stepping into Stephen Bears shoes for season 3, we can’t wait to see what crazy tattoos will be designed. 

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