Are These the Five Most Cringest Moments of Love Island 2018 so Far?

Love Island
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So far we have already given you our list of the five most memorable moments of Love Island 2018 so far. But there are so many other moments to pick from the show that need talking about an addressing.

It’s not just the memorable moments that have got people talking, it’s also the cringest moments and let’s face it there have been a few.

Here is our list of the five most cringest moments of Love Island 2018 so far.

The Kiss

We had to start off with the kiss between Georgia and Jack as this still seems to be what everyone is talking about.

To start with the kiss looked really awkward, but just who is telling the truth about what actually happened. Jack’s got my vote as I think it’s clear to see from the video that he went for the cheek, not the lips.

Dr Alex’s Strip Tease

It was time for a little bit of fun to be bought back into the Love Island villa after a tense few days with the girls falling out.

Both the boys and the girls would have to perform a striptease in the Dirty Dancing task. Dr Alex tried his hardest but I couldn’t help but cringe behind my pillow during his performance.

Georgia’s “I’m Loyal” Talk

We all felt sorry for Georgia when Josh returned to the Love Island villa with new girl Kaz on his arm and Georgia was left crushed after staying loyal to her fella.

However, since her date with Jack, it seems that Georgia’s favourite thing to tell people is how loyal she is, and it’s starting to annoying the pants off of viewers and cringe every time the word loyal comes out of her mouth.

Dr Alex’s Flirting Chat

Alex has been unlucky in love ever since he first entered the villa and got put on the subs bench after not being picked by the girls.

He is a good looking guy with a good job but it seems there is something holding the girls back when it comes to being romantic with the guy. Could it be to do with his chat up lines?

Laura Sulking Over Her Love Life

Fair enough Laura hasn’t had the best of luck in the villa with her love life so far but, being the oldest islander it was quite cringy watching her sulk on the daybed when Jack went out on a date with the new girl Alexander. Pull yourself together girl.

With just a few weeks left of the show, we are sure our list will be added to as no doubt the Islanders will keep bringing viewers cringe-worthy moments until the very end.

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