Geordie Shore Is Back – Season 16 Episode 1 Review

Geordie Shore EP1

Geordie Shore was back last week on MTV with some new faces added to the bunch after Gary, Marty and Scotty T left the show.

Both Marnie and Aaron are now in relationships so sharing a bed and necking on is certainly off the cards for these two, but will they be able to behave themselves?

So what exactly can we expect this time from the Geordie Shore lot and will the new housemates settle in and live up to the Geordie reputation of the others with plenty of drinking and partying? Check out our previous article to find out who the newbies are.

Here is our review of Episode 1 of Geordie Shore

Now I like my cousin, we are after all family and see each other now and again for a catch up and a moan, however, no matter how much I might like her, there is certainly no way that I would watch her having a colonic irrigation and I am sure she would say the same thing about me. Not cousins Marnie and Sophie though, these two are at the clinic together and Sophie is watching while Marnie’ is getting having this done, too much girls, too much.

The big boss Anna wants everyone back in the house, there is work to do and these are just the people to do it. It’s time to make the call and round up the Geordie troops to get them all back in the Geordie Shore house.

First stop Chloe’s house, as per usual Chloe is super excited to be going back in, the lass has finally passed her driving test so this time she will be making her own way to the house in her super shiny new car. She is single, ready to mingle and get MORTAL!!

Nathan is also ‘buzzing’ to get back in the house, is this to show his housemates his new hair? I can’t work out whether I like it or not, or whether it just makes him look like a young Lenny Kravitz, maybe it will grow on me over the next few weeks. Not only has Nathan got a new hairstyle he is also bringing a friend with him, hello Pablo (just to clarify Pablo is a blow-up doll, not a real person).

Abbie is also returning to the house, looking drastically more orange than the last series, the girl looks like she could do with a good wash. Not only that but what the hell is she wearing? It looks like her top has either shrunk in the wash or she has borrowed it from a baby. I can honestly say that no matter how old my daughter was, there is no way I would let her leave the house looking like that.

Chloe is first to arrive at the house, as usual, the house has had a revamp so is looking nice and clean, but if you have seen the show before then you will know that this will not last long with this lot and their endless food fights and grotesque behaviour.

The first of the new arrivals to enter the house is Sam Gowland, Sam took part in Love Island 2017 although wasn’t very lucky at finding love. He likes to go out and party and looks like he will settle in really well with the others. Proving this when Marnie and Sophie get him to take part in the Vodka drinking initiation.

The second new arrival to the Geordie Shore house is Steph, according to her she already knows Aaron and is quick to tell the others that she can’t wait for him to arrive as there is some unfinished business between the pair of them. Whatever can she mean?

With Aaron entering the house later than the rest of them, how long will we have to wait to find out? Not long really as she is quick to tell the housemates that he has been ‘grafting’ her for a number of years and they may have shared a cheeky kiss on a night out. Considering she has now got a boyfriend, Marnie doesn’t look overly happy with this news.

With the Geordie Shore family back together (minus Aaron) is time to hit the town and get mortal, and these guys certainly don’t waste any time in doing that, do they? Nathan looks like he doesn’t know what day of the week it is and it seems Chloe is up to her usual tricks when it comes to a lad in the house. Did she not learn her lesson before with Marty. If someone you like is talking to a girl, do not let your jealous side come out. I give it a week before she is kicking off at Sam.

With sore heads the next day everyone is pleased with the arrival of Aaron and eager to find out just what the deal is with him and Steph. However, before they find that out he has some news to tell them from their old pal Gary. Due to Gaz and his girlfriend expecting their first child together, Gaz will not be returning to the house.

With news of this and in honour of Gary Beadle, what better way to send the guy off then to have a parsnip party and as Gaz can’t make it then cardboard Gaz’s will just have to do.

With no news from Anna about work, another night out is certainly on the cards, and Chloe is on a mission to bag newbie Sam. Failing on impressing him with her dance moves, she will just have to swoop in for a kiss instead. That’s Chloe 1 Abbie 0.

With a quick preview of what’s in store next week on Geordie Shore, will Chloe keep her cool when Sam and Abbie share a kiss in the shower?

You can catch up on all seasons of Geordie Shore on Now Tv at the moment and don’t forget to read our review of EP2 next week. 

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