It’s All About the Boys in Season 3 Episode 2 of Just Tattoo Of Us

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Charlotte and Scott are back again with the second episode of MTV’s hit show Just Tattoo Of Us with EP2 being an all-boys extravaganza. Not only that but new co-host Scotty Turbo T needs to sit in the chair for his initiation tattoo.

So with Scotty out of action, tattoo artist Charl has stepped in to help Charlotte out whilst the new lad gets inked. Not only that but this week there is a new artist added to the mix. Jason is the newbie ready to get inking some of the unfortunate couples on the show.

New Kid On The Block Scotty T

Having taken over from Stephen Bear’s presenting duties, Scott has been a hit with viewers of the show according to some recent tweets. But, as fans of the show already know, you have to have a tattoo designed by your new friends to really become part of the show.

This won’t be Scott’s first tattoo, the young Geordie already has I heart Oz on his bum, which he had done when he was on Geordie Shore. He also has Turbo tattooed on his right foot and Techno on his left foot, although its spelt wrong.

For his initiation tattoo, all the designers and Charlotte have come up with an idea about the tattoo and Jodie has created the final design, which according to Charlotte is so awful it will make Scotty kick off!

So just where is this new tattoo going to go?

Well, it looks like it’s going in the same place as his I Heart Oz tattoo, although this time it will be on the other cheek, and because it’s so detailed its going to take a while to do.

It’s time for Scotty T to get his bum out!

The Reveal

With Charlotte and the artists all feeling rather anxious about Scotty seeing his new tattoo, it seems like the best thing to do would be to forget the fear goggles and just put the lad out of his misery.

But, in the words of So Solid Crew “He’s Got 21 Seconds To Go” and I bet he wishes he had longer once he see’s his new tatt.

scotty t just tattoo of us shocked
Image Source: MTV

Scotty Turbo T now has a tattoo of Stephen Bears face on his backside. Scotty officially has a “Bear” bum.

Omar & Curf

The next two lads are friends Omar and Curf, these boys are both from Birmingham who met on a wild night out 3 years ago.

Omar says that Curf is the vainest person that he knows, regularly checking himself out in mirrors, windows and even puddles.

According to Curf, Omar is childish, immature and an attention seeker, always wanting to be the centre of attention. These two love a bit of banter and really trust each other, however, will they feel the same after they see their tattoos?

Danny is the designer behind Curfs tattoo for Omar and according to Danny, this design is the Crem De La Crem of lad banter tattoos, he has been waiting three years to do a design like this. This tattoo is going on Omar’s thigh.

Jen has designed Omar’s tattoo for Curf which will also be going on Curf’s thigh.

The Reveal

The nervous lads are eager to see what tattoo’s they have designed for each other and to really see who has stitched who up the most.

Omar is the first up to see what his best friend has done to him and its safe to say, Omar, you have well and truly been stitched up.

It’s a tattoo of Omar doing naughty things to his mum. What the hell is the story behind this design and why does Omar actually like this tattoo?

Apparently, Omar finds incest a funny topic so he makes jokes about it all the time, he likes to say things to shock people as he loves the attention.

Just Tattoo of Us Omar and Curf
Image Source: MTV

Time for Curf to find out whether his friend can beat him on the embarrassing tattoo design. Curf has a tattoo of Omar in bed with Curf’s dog.

The story behind this tattoo is that Curf’s dog is always trying to hump Omar so he thought the tattoo would be funny and also something for people to talk about.

Nic & Fran

The last couple in EP2 of Just Tattoo Of Us is barber Nic and his brother Fran who is a carpenter.

These two brothers are really close, but just like any other siblings, they have their fair share of arguments.

According to Fran, Nick has got endless amounts of dirt on him, so he is quite worried about what Nic will do to him. Fran only has one bit of dirt on Nic and that bit of dirt is what helped with the design of his tattoo.

Hue is has designed Nic’s tattoo for Fran and Nic is really made up with the design. According to him, it is just how he pictured it. This tattoo will be going on Fran’s right calf.

Newbie Jason is the designer behind Fran’s tattoo for Nic. Nic’s tattoo will be going on the bottom of his back. The poor lad is going to have a tramp stamp.

The Reveal

Time to find out who is the better brother. Nic is up first to see just what his brother has done to him

Just Tattoo of Us Fran and Nic
Image Source: MTV

Nic’s little “tramp stamp” is an 18+ sign on the bottom of his back. According to Fran, Nic likes the ladies but sometimes it’s the younger ladies. He just wanted something to remind his little brother to keep it 18+ from now on.

Fran’s turn next, as the fear goggles are removed and a close up shows Frans new tattoo, it is clear to see what it is.

Fran has a cereal box on his leg with a cheater on the front and the number one… Number 1 Cereal Cheater.

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Just Tattoo of Us S3 EP2


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