Jamie Gives His Friend the Hump on EP8 of Just Tattoo Of Us

just tattoo of us jamie o'hara

Another corker of a show this week on Just Tattoo Of Us full of tantrums and tears from the crazy guests getting themselves inked.

Here is a recap of episode 8 of Just Tattoo Of Us. If you missed episode 7 then you can read all about it here.

Jamie & Rob

Footballer Jamie O’Hara is first up this week with his best friend Rob. These lads have been best friends for four years and enjoy winding each other up.

Jamie thinks that he is the better looking one and has the best banter. According to Jamie his bestie is dopey and has no crack. Rob reckons that Jamie thinks he is Billy Big Balls when he goes out splashing the cash. Well, he did buy his ex-misses a Bentley for her birthday, you can kinda get why he would think that.

These two are so competitive especially when they go out and are always trying to outdo each other. However, Jamie loves the fact that Rob is the best wingman you could ask for as he never wants to go home on nights out.

After a grilling from Bear and Charlotte, it’s time for the boys to go and meet the artists who have designed the tattoos for the friends.

Cally-Jo and Atom are the two behind the designs, Cally-Jo has designed Rob’s tattoo and a shocked Jamie has serious doubts when he see’s the design going on his best mate. He really likes the design but he may have gone way overboard and thought about getting it changed.

After a brief visit with Atom to see the design that Jamie is having done its time to once again switch booths and get down to work. Jamie’s tattoo is going on his inner right bicep and Rob’s is going on his right arm. It’s time to get inked.

Now considering he already has a fair amount of tattoos, Jamie is a wimp when it comes to getting his new one done. The grown man is getting the right hump with the pain whereas Rob seems as cool as a cucumber, and confident that his best mate is not going to stitch him up.

The Reveal

During the Reveal, Jamie confesses to Rob that he did think about changing the tattoo design at one point because he thought he had gone too far and he is feeling a bit guilty.

Time to see what your so-called best mate has done to you, Rob.just tattoo of us - episode 8

It’s a smiling camel with big false teeth and guess what? Much to Jamie’s annoyance Rob actually like it.

The story behind the tattoo is Rob’s fake veneers, apparently, when he is chatting up girls in Essex he is always spitting in their face. As camels spit and Rob’s always got the hump Jamie thought this would be the perfect tattoo.

Seeing as his plan backfired due to Rob actually liking the tattoo, Jamie is now worried as to what he has got tattooed on him. The situation is made worse when Rob apologizes to Jamie for ‘going in too hard’ before he has even seen the design. Breath Jamie breath.

It’s a bottle of Champagne, it’s to remind Jamie not to be so flash.

Bridie and Tre

Best friends for ten years Bridie and Tre are the second and final couple on the show this week. These two like to flirt with each other but nothing romantic has ever gone on between them. It’s just friendly banter.

Tre’s girlfriend is not happy that he is going on the show with Bridie and has made it clear that if she doesn’t like the tattoo he won’t be staying with her again until he gets it removed. I feel a break up could be on the cards here.

Bridie is not in the slightest bit bothered about his girlfriend kicking off and thinks that if Tre could have her he would.

Are these two more than just friends? Well, when you see the Reveal you might think so.

The artists inking these two are Charl and Jodie, Tre specifically asked for Jodie as he has the hots for her, he was gutted when she didn’t follow him back on Instagram and tells her that she is worth getting into trouble with his girlfriend. Get a grip, Tre.

Both tattoos are going on their legs, time to drop your trousers for Jodie Tre.

The Reveal

Now the tattoos are done, Bridie is worried about how big her tattoo is and whether their friendship can survive this. It’s a bit late now love. Her concerns aren’t helped when Tre thinks that he may have gone too far with this one, although he doesn’t care at all as Bridie has no one to go home to so according to him it doesn’t matter. I’m not too sure if I’m liking this guy much you know.

Charlotte seems to want to get this reveal over and done with as she thinks that Tre is going to be really angry with his design and Bear thinks that Tre might get dumped.just tattoo of us bridie and tre

Jodie removes the bandages and Tre’s tattoo is revealed, Its a tattoo of Bridies naked chest. I agree with Bear, looks like Tre might be single when he gets home.

Not at all impressed with his tattoo and just to rub more salt in the wounds he then comments on the abs in the tattoo saying they must be rolls of fat as Bridie has no abs. Hurray for Charlotte stepping in and telling him off for speaking to a girl like that.

Time for Bridie to find out what Tre has done to her, when Charl removes the bandages and Tre see’s the design he loves it, he has done the exact same thing to her, although he chose a full portrait of himself, tripod and all, and these two deny having the hots for each other. Who are they kidding?

Up Next: Episode 9 of Just Tattoo Of Us when Geordie Shores newbie Abbie Holborn gets inked. 


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