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Once again MTV’s Just Tattoo Of Us had another cracking episode. In Just Tattoo Of Us S3 EP3 viewers got to see a mother and son, best friends and a soon to be wed couple give each other the ultimate stitch up.

Harry & Karen

Harry and Karen are Mother and Son who are both from Essex. You might recognise Harry from the early days of The Only Way Is Essex.

This mother and son are the best of friends, they have their hair done together, get facials together, Harry is the daughter that Karen always wanted.

These two are super close, but will they still be as close once their designs are revealed? A super nervous Harry is worried as he is a tattoo virgin and is not great with pain. Will he be able to go through with his tattoo?

Jason is designing Karen’s tattoo for a nervous Harry. Karen thought about the design after a few wines with the girls on a holiday to Benidorm.

Charl is back in the tattoo seat this week after her brief spell of presenting with Charlotte last week while Scotty T got his initiation tattoo. She has designed Harry’s tattoo for his mum. With both designs seen, it’s time to get inked.

Harry & Karen Just Tattoo of Us
Image Source: MTV

This mother and son were obviously in sync with each other when they were deciding where the tatts were going as both of them have chosen the lower back for each other. They are both getting ‘tramp stamps’ done.

With a nervous Harry not sure whether he is going to be able to through with his tattoo, it seems that the pain is just too much for him. It’s up to Scotty Techno T to try and get him to change his mind.

Mum Karen is also struggling with the pain, what’s up with these two? Come on pull it together, it’s not that bad!

The Reveal

After finally giving in and actually going through with the whole thing, Harry is quick to point out that it was “the most painful thing ever, probably more painful than childbirth”. No, Harry, Childbirth is ten times more painful and fortunately for you, not something you will ever have to go through.

For the first time ever on Just Tattoo Of Us, Charlotte and Scott will take both Karen and Harry up to the mirror and reveal their tattoos at the same time. Apparently, the team are worried that one of the tattoos is so bad, someone may do a runner.

So just what have these two done to each other?

They have both had the same designs, not only that but they are also on the same parts of their bodies, ‘Shut Up’.

Jordan & Faye

Jordan and Faye are the second couple on EP3 of Just Tattoo Of Us, these two have been best friends for a massive 21 years after meeting at nursery.

They are both single and love a good night out, especially when they go on the hunt for men.

Due to the fact that they have known each other for so long, Faye is feeling rather nervous, because Jordan knows everything about her.

These two have a lot of dirt to dish on each other, is it worth putting 21 years of friendship on the line?

Neither Jordan or Faye want a tattoo that could be in reference to an ex.

Jen has designed Faye’s tattoo for Jordan, although she is not too sure how to explain the tattoo. I can’t wait for the reveal on this one.

Cally is the designer behind Jordan’s tattoo for Faye, according to Cally, this is the last tattoo that she would ever want to be designed on her and quite possibly the worst tattoo that any girl can have designed on her body.

Faye’s tattoo is going on her groin area… OMG, that’s going to hurt. Jordan’s is going on his right bum cheek.

The Reveal

After spending some time in the tattoo chair its time for their designs to be revealed. An upset Faye is worried that she may lose her best friend and Jordan is worried that he may have taken it too far.

On the count to five, Faye’s tattoo is finally revealed, she has a bucket tattoed on her groin area. According to Jordan the idea behind the design was because Faye used to experiment with objects.

Yep that’s right it is exactly what you think, she has had some fun with a bell, a Jager bottle and a watch… Too much information!!

Just Tattoo of Us Jordan and Faye
Image Source: MTV

It’s time for Jordan to see his tattoo now, the one that that Jordan didn’t want was any reference to his ex. So as his new tattoo is revealed to be a balloon and Jordan is not too happy about it, what is the story behind this design?

According to his best friend Faye, Jordan and his ex-boyfriend once put a balloon up his bum and blew it up. What the hell is wrong with these two?

Dom & Jess

Dom and Jess met on the 2017 reality show Love Island. They coupled up right at the beginning of the show and have been a couple ever since with the pair of them recently getting engaged.

Jess thinks that Dom is the vainest person she knows, the good-looking chap looks in the mirror 247.

They are both very competitive with Dom needing to win all the time, even if it’s just walking up the stairs.

Jason has designed Dom’s tattoo for Jess, even the designer thinks that it is a horrible tattoo, and Dom is worried he may have taken it too far. Jess’s tattoo will be going on the left side of her rib under her boob.

Jodie has designed Jess’s tattoo for Dom which will be going on Dom’s right calf.

The Reveal

Dom is up first to see what his fiance has designed for him and once the tattoo is revealed it’s clear to see Mr Vain is not impressed.

Just tattoo of us Dom
Image Source: MTV

On is Calf he has a mirror with his reflection in it as according to Jess he spends far too long looking at himself in the mirror.

Jess’s turn next, her tattoo is of some statue looking guy under her boob, it looks like he is holding her boob up. That is exactly what it is supposed to look like. Dom explains that Jess had a bad boob job a few years ago so this guy is holding up her boob for her.

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