Just Tattoo Of Us: The Most Shocking Reveals from Season 1 and 2


Just tattoo of us - bear and charlotte

With two seasons wrapped up, MTV’s Just Tattoo Of Us has had some really cringe-worthy and memorable tattoos inked onto its crazy guests.

It’s safe to say that Just Tattoo of Us has made us laugh out loud and sometimes even cry (happy tears after two marriage proposal tattoos) and although we were sad to hear that Stephen Bear will not be joining Charlotte Crosby for season 3 due to their relationship ending, we can’t wait to see whether season 3 will be bigger and better than season 2 which absolutely smashed the first season with the artists designs.

With that in mind, we wanted to look back at the best, or should that be worst reveals of Just Tattoo Of Us so far. This article contains spoilers as it contains reveals so if you haven’t seen it and want to, go watch it on catchup first as their reactions are priceless.

Lauren & Sophie

Kicking off the start of the show and giving viewers an idea of just how brutal and horrible people could be are cousins Lauren and Sophie.

These cousins aren’t afraid to speak their minds, they admit to playing tricks on each other but they are both really close. They can say what they like about each other and will not have anyone else saying anything bad about them.

With that in mind surely their tattoo’s weren’t going to be that bad where they? Hell yes, they were, after a few hours of pain the moment they had been waiting for arrived with quite possibly the worst tattoo of season 1.

The Reveal

just tattoo of us lauren and sophie

Knowing that her cousin had a bit of a reputation where they lived, Lauren wanted to remind her that having a rep is not always a good thing and that it was time to realize this. What better way to do this than to have SLUT tattooed on your skin. This girl took it to the next level with this tattoo and branded her cousin with that word for life.

Alicia & Louise

What’s the worse thing that could happen when you drag your best friend onto Just Tattoo Of Us? Well these two BFF’s soon found out with one of the worst tattoo’s that Stephen Bear has ever seen.

Alicia and Louise have been best friends for about 3 years, they met on a night out when Alicia found Louise crying down an alley, they have been best friends ever since.

According to the girls they have a really strong friendship and they are together all the time. They also admit to being quite disgusting and not at all ladylike.They are also both very competitive and neither of them wants to be beaten when it comes to their tattoo designs.

Best friends, what could possibly go wrong?

These tattoos are not only gross but so are the stories behind the designs when all is revealed. Alicia is up first to find out what her so-called best friend has done to her, with Louise already admitting to her that she had to change the design slightly because it was too pretty and she wanted it bigger and better, what on earth has she done?

The Reveal

Just tattoo of us Alicia and Louise

Her new tattoo is a crap-in-a-box, according to Louise the story behind this design is that one night Alicia had a bit of surprise with some poo… Ugh gross. Although Alicia is grossed out by the fact that she now has a piece of poo tattooed on their bottom she finds the Jack-in-a-box bit rather pretty. No Alicia it’s not, you can’t polish a turd.

So who has won this round, Alicia or Louise? We are going to give Alicia our vote for the worst design once Louise’s tattoo is revealed. Not only is it even worse than Alicia’s design its a biggy too.

The poor lass has a bloody tampon tattooed on the top of her leg with a hand pulling it out of you know where. How can you do that to a friend?

Becky & Danny

Brother and sister Becky and Danny are also best mates and have an unbreakable family bond, there are also the first brother and sister to appear on the show.

According to these two Danny is the favourite child who can’t do a thing wrong. Although he is not such the golden boy, having slept with a number of his sister’s friends. Becky seems to have trouble keeping Danny’s secrets, telling their mum all of what Danny has been up too.

Becky thinks that Danny’s tattoo is quite sensitive so she is worried about how is going to react when he finally see’s the design she has done for him. As her brother is no angel when it comes to some of the things he gets up too,  she feels by getting this design done, its a way of letting everyone else know what he gets up too. What secrets has her brother got?

The Reveal

just tattoo of us becky and danny

This reveal is an emotional one, which we go into more detail here. Neither person is happy with their tattoos. Due to the fact that his sister is always talking to his mum about him, Becky’s tattoo is a picture of her face with a turd by her mouth, and although she is really upset about having a turd on her leg, she knows what it stands for.

With Danny next in line to see what his sister has done to him can it be worse than her tattoo? Danny’s tattoo is revealed to be two naked men in a star with the word PORN underneath. The story behind this tattoo is that Danny needed to earn some money so did a naughty video the previous year.

Looks like they are both even now.

Rich & Dan

Rich and Dan are best mates and have come on to Just Tattoo Of Us to stitch each other up, this is a competition to see who can stitch each other up the worst. The boys are going away together on a lads holiday soon and both agree that neither of them will be able to ‘pull birds’ once they see their tattoos.

These two just seem really funny, who will stitch who up the most? This reveal is a funny one, check out the full review here.

How are people going to react to these tattoos when they see them.

The Reveal

just tattoo of us rich and dan

Dan is up first to see his tattoo, things just got real. Not being the fittest of people but really wanting to improve his physic his mate has gone for just the thing that Dan dreams of having.

He has got a six pack tattooed onto his tummy, apparently, every time Dan goes on holiday he has wanted a six pack so Rich thought as they were soon jetting off on their next holiday he would make those dreams come true.

Well, that sounds nice, doesn’t it?  No no, you see this is not the six pack Dan is thinking of, this is a six pack can of beer.

Rich is up next to find out if his friend has outdone him with his design, and its safe to say yes he has. Rich has a condom on his stomach.

The story behind the design is again another disgusting one, put it this way these boys like to share.

PJ & Harrison

PJ and Harrison get our vote on this episode for best reveals on Just Tattoo Of Us. These two friends are always there for each other they really trust each other and can’t imagine not being friends.

PJ thinks that he is always the winner, he pulls all the girls when they go out and according to Harrison’s mum, he is perfect.

Harrison seems to be quite jealous of PJ and admits that he wants to knock him down a peg or two. Last year his ex-girlfriend left him because she fancied his friend. The poor guy, hopefully, he will get one up on his friend this time.

Harrison’s design for PJ is a big one and for the first time ever on the show artist, Jen has to ask fellow designer Danny for help with the design. The design of this tattoo is so bad that it upsets Charlotte when she see’s what PJ is having done and even Harrison thinks that he may have taken it too far with this. What on earth is it?

The Reveal

just tattoo of us pj and harrison

Poor PJ has the names of STI’s tattooed all over his private area, this is a really bad one and his reaction is totally understandable. How on earth are you going to be able to explain that to people?

Although this is the worst tattoo, PJ does manage a little smile at the end when Harrison’s tattoo is revealed. His design is an image of PJ on all fours naked around his belly button. You’ll have to see the episode for this reveal, it is epic!

Want to know which other guests were on the show for this episode read our review here.

Conner & Jade

The award for worst boyfriend EVER goes to Conner who joined Bear and Charlotte with his girlfriend Jade. Conner has the worst ego ever, he thinks he is the bee’s knees and has quite a colourful past.  This happy couple would each just like to get one up on each other.

This guy is a pig, he is very flirty with artist Jen when she is designing the tattoo he comes across as a guy that can’t be trusted, and he looks extremely nervous at the reveal.

This tattoo is pretty shocking and not something any normal guy would have tattooed on to the woman he is supposed to love.

The Reveal

Just Tattoo of us jade and conner

Jade doesn’t want any reminders of Conners past on her leg, surely he wouldn’t would he? Of course, he would, Jade’s tattoo is a list of how many people her boyfriend has slept with, Jades name is on the list with space underneath it for more names to be added. Can she get her own back?

Conners tattoo is revealed to be an acorn, according to Jade, he has a little acorn. The whole world now know’s his tiny secret. If you want to know Rat Conner’s reaction our review of the episode is worth a read.

Chet & Casey

I personally loved this episode, not only did it have two of the funniest tattoos ever but it’s guests are brother’s Chet and Casey. Both of these two are no strangers to reality TV, Casey was on the X Factor with his band Union J and is currently on MTV’s Single AF which is where he met his girlfriend Geordie Shore’s, Marnie Simpson. His brother Chet was previously on the reality TV show Ex On The Beach. 

These two are double trouble and have gone onto the show to stitch each other up, although they completely trust each other they are both scared to find out what they have done to each other.

Chet is already covered in tattoos so this should be a breeze for him. He hates colour tattoos, all his current ones are in black and white. Will his brother do something he really hates?

This whole episode had me laughing from the onset, these two are full of banter and are probably my two favourite guests on the show, but will they have taken it too far when their tattoos are revealed.

The Reveal

Just tattoo of us - chet and casey

Chet is up first to see his tatt, it is absolutely hilarious, he has got a Jesus creeper sandal inked onto his foot, knowing how much is brother hates this type of shoe it seems like the perfect design to get one up on his brother.

Why not read our review to find out what Chet’s design is for his brother.

John & Ellis

Best mates John and Ellis really went all out with their designs, they met at college when they were drunk and Ellis peed all over his friend, nice!

They have been best friends for 7 years and have even shared girlfriends. They are both hoping that their friendship can survive this big stitch up.

John and Ellis have been looking forward to this day for a long time, who will win the competition between the two of them. With John having to have a shave before his tattoo is even designed, what will the outcome reveal?

The Reveal

Just tattoo of us john and ellis

To me this reveal is one of the funniest tattoos that the show has done so far, John’s tattoo is put on his groin area, hence why he had to have a shave beforehand and it is a picture of Pinocchio’s face, you can guess how it’s going to look when the noes grows can’t you?

If you want to know the reason for this design then click here and have a read.

Ryan & Hughie

Ryan and his boyfriend Hughie are no strangers to TV either, these two met in the Big Brother house and are totally in love with each other.

The boys admit to having a had a rocky relationship in the past splitting up and getting back together again but are hoping this time it’s for keeps.

Ryan admits to having a jealous streak, apparently, he would accuse Hughie of flirting with a Jagerbomb and although they argue most of the time they are hoping they have designed loving tattoos for each other and if Hughie gets a nice tattoo it looks like a proposal could be on the cards.

The Reveal

just tattoo of us ryan and hughie

Once Ryan’s tattoo is revealed you can see what tattoo artist Danny said when he was doing the tattoo about it being the most disgusting tattoo he has ever had to do.

Its really quite shocking and an unimpressed Ryan does not look amused. We can hardly blame him. His tatt is of two fingers with a bit of turd on them. You can work it out yourself what this design is about.

Billy & Joe

Workmates Billy and Joe are both excited about getting one up on each other, Billy recons that Joe is going to get roasted.

The friends enjoy nights out together pulling women although the lads admit that it’s Joe who pulls the most amount on their nights out. Billy tells Bear and Charlotte that he needs to come out on top and win the tattoo prank.

For the first time ever there are two tattoo artists inking the same person at once, What the hell!! It’s time to meet Atom and Jen. Joe tells the artists that he wants to mess up Billy’s image. He has gone for a girls design.

The Reveal

Just Tattoo Of Us EP7

Billy is up first, the poor lad is absolutely crapping himself, shaking like a leaf he says that something girly would be the absolute worst, you’re not going to like this then Bill, his best mate Joe has made sure of that.

Lucky for Billy summer short season is over because Billy has two pretty pink bows down his left and right calfs.

With this crazy Just Tattoo Of Us Reveals we’ve had so far, we have to wonder how mad is it going to be in season 3 of Just Tattoo of Us. We can’t wait, can you? For now, you can catch up on episodes of Just Tattoo of Us on Now TV.


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