It All Gets Emotional on Just Tattoo Of Us – Season 2 Episode 9 Review

Tears may form!

Just tattoo of us - 9

With even more daring designs on season 2, episode 9 of Just Tattoo of us and the first mother and daughter on the show. Here is a recap of what happened. If you missed the previous episode of Just Tattoo of Us you can read all about it here.

Will & Patrick

First up this week are best friends of two years Will and Patrick. Patrick is 19 and already settled down with married life and his first child on the way. Will is the gobby one who was best man at his friend’s wedding and his hoping to be godfather to Patrick’s child. Although Patrick has warned him that this all depends on what tattoo he ends up getting.

Jodie and Jen are the lucky ladies designing the tattoo’s for the lads, we all know how it goes, both Will and Patrick will get to see the other ones designs before they get inked.

Jodie has designed Will’s tattoo and when Patrick sees it he reckons that Will will hate it when he eventually sees the finished design.

Jen is designing Patrick’s tattoo and once Charlotte and Will see the design Charlotte is brutally honest with Will. Apparently, this design is really harsh and Patrick’s wife is not going to be happy with it. Sounds like you can say goodbye to your godfather duties Will.

It’s time to switch booths and find out where the tatts are going before the guys get inked. Patricks is going on his left ankle. Will’s will be on his right shoulder.

The Reveal

Time to find out who has stitched who up, with Patrick confessing that if Will has stitched him up he no longer wants to be friends with him.

No longer so cocky Will is hoping that Patrick doesn’t take his tattoo the wrong way.

Will’s up first to see what his friend has had done to him, it’s a tattoo of a Love Rat, according to Patrick, Will sleeps with a lot of ladies (sometimes in Patrick’s Grandads bed) and Patrick just wanted to remind Will that this is the name he has got for himself due to his behaviour with the ladies. Although if you were looking to upset your friend Patrick looks like you failed as Will actually likes the tattoo.

Patrick’s turn now, has his best mate got one up on him? Will tries to reassure Patrick if he looks at the tattoo the right way then he is sure that he will actually really like it. It’s finally time to see what all the fuss is about. Oh, Will what have you done to your friend?

Patrick’s tattoo is a ball and chain around his ankle, the poor guy is gutted. Sorry, Patrick but you’re right you do look like a twat. Even if you take Charlotte’s advice and get Miley Cyrus added to the tattoo (swinging on the ball) you will still look like a wally.Just tattoo of us s2 ep9

With Will finally realizing that he may have taken it too far, he tells his friend that now that he is settled down and married he doesn’t go out with the lads very often anymore. Good luck explaining that too his missus.

Abbie & Zoe

Abbie Holborn from MTV’s reality TV show Geordie Shore is taking a break from partying and has dragged her mum on the show. Mum Zoe says she has come on the show to get Abbie an unforgettable tattoo and also wants to stitch her up.

These two say they get on really well and are probably more like sisters but they do have the occasional clash over things. Normally to do with how untidy Abbie is. If you are a fan of Geordie Shore you only have to look at the girl’s bedroom on the show to know that this is definitely true. Those girls live like pigs.

The artists designing the tattoos for the first ever mother and daughter on the show are Charl and John. Zoe’s tattoo will be going on her right thigh and Abbies will be on her foot.

The Reveal

With the tattoos now finished Abbie is moaning that it felt like someone was pouring hot ash on her foot, she is concerned that she won’t like it but will have to live with it for the rest of her life.

Zoe is really nervous because it took so long and felt really big.

Abbie is up first to see her tattoo before it’s revealed Zoe tells her that it’s revenge for all the times she leaves a mess in the house and she has to run around after her daughter. So was anyone else left confused when Abbie’s tattoo was revealed?Just tattoo of us s2 ep9

It turns out to be an orange flower on her foot, Zoe says she went for this one because Abbie always puts too much fake tan on and her feet are never the same colour as the rest of her body. The flower is orange so her feet need to be orange too, to match the rest of her body.

Abbie thinks that the tattoo is chavvy…. Wearing too much fake tan is chavvy Abbie so it’s nicely suited.

Now time for Mum to find out what her daughter has done to her, It’s a tattoo of her dog that recently passed away and Zoe loves it.

Elise & Kirstie

Friends Elise and Kirstie are the final two up, these friends have known each other for 13 years and both say they have a great friendship, always picking each other up if either is feeling down.

Kirstie is getting married in a few days, yep sounds like the ideal time to get a new tattoo done, doesn’t it? Her fiance thinks that she is nuts getting it done just before the wedding.

According to these two, after having four children Elise is the one with the better pain threshold and both of them say the worst tattoo for either of them would be a giant willy on some part of their body.

Danny is designing Elise’s tattoo and before it’s inked onto her Kirstie gets a sneak peak and her design She tells Danny that she has gone for this because Elise hasn’t got a boyfriend.

The Reveal

Elise is the first one up this time, with Bear telling her that it is one of the worst tattoos he has ever seen and Kirstie saying its worse than what she imagined, Elise looks like she just wants to get it all over and done with now.

Now not that I would be silly enough to go on the show but if a so-called best friend of mine got this done to me, I would be pretty upset.

Just tattoo of us - 9

Mother of four Elise now has a vibrator tattooed on her leg, good luck explaining that one to your kids love.

Time for Kirstie to find out what her tattoo is. It’s a pair of fried eggs on her back. According to Elise, Kirstie is as flat on her back as she is on her front, cue lots of egg jokes.

You can catch up on this episode on Now TV right now.

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