Love Island 2018 Ends With a Cliffhanger on First Night

Image Source: ITV
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Finally, the moment reality TV fans had been waiting for arrived last night with the first episode of ITV2’s Love Island and what an opening episode it was.

The ladies were the first to arrive in the villa, Samira, Hayley, Dani, Kendall and Laura all on the hunt for either a bit of lust or looking for true love this summer.

With all the ladies tanned to perfection and eagerly waiting for the arrival of the lads that they would be sharing not only the villa with but their beds too, presenter Caroline Flack entered the villa to do a bit of digging and find out exactly what the girls were looking for this summer.

Time to bring in the boys and get them coupled up with the girls, this is almost like that horrible moment at school when you are waiting to be picked for the school football/netball team.

First up was 23-year-old Niall from Coventry who was lucky enough to have Kendall step forward for him with these two becoming the first Love Islanders coupled up.

Next up was 27 years old Dr Alex, unfortunately for him, it seemed he was not really any of the girl’s cup of tea, no facial hair, he’s not tanned enough, I mean come on give the poor guy a chance. With none of the girls stepping forward for Dr Alex it was up to him to pick someone and Laura was the lucky girl.

However, as if not getting picked wasn’t enough for Alex, the A&E doctor was due for some more bad luck when the next single lad walked into the villa.

Electrical and nuclear systems design engineer Wes Nelson soon caught Laura’s eye and not really feeling anything for Alex she stepped forward for Wes meaning Alex was moved to the subs bench.

The fourth contestant to enter the villa was 22-year-old model Eyal Booker. Eyal proved the most popular with the ladies as Dani, Samira and Hayley stepped forward. With three lovely ladies to choose from Eyal picked Hayley.

The fifth lad and who everyone thought was going to be the final guy to enter the villa was 26-year-old Jack who had both Dani and Samira step forward for him. The cheeky stationary sales manager chose Dani, meaning that Dr Alex was allowed off of the subs bench and coupled up with Samira, the only girl not to be chosen.

With all the guys and girls paired up, it was time for Caroline to throw a little extra into the mix.

Say hello to 22-year-old Adam and his abs. Adam has 24 hours to get to know the girls and then steal one of his fellow contestant’s partners, leaving that guy single and vulnerable.

So just who will Adam steal? My bets on Dani, which is a shame because I’m really liking her coupled up with Jack.

After the success of last years Love Island, this series has been one of the most highly anticipated opening episodes for a TV series this year. However, according to Twitter, Love Island viewers were left frustrated with the cliffhanger that was left at the end of the show.

With fans desperately wanting to know just which girl Adam was going to steal, the scene cut off and the end credits appeared meaning fans have to wait 24 hours to find out who it is that Adam picks to be coupled up with.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9 pm.

Love Island 2018 EP1


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