Love Island’s First Week Ends With a Confrontation

Love Island
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The popular reality show of the summer Love Island has been on our screens now for just over a week and it really does seem to be the hot topic of conversation at the moment.

Whether you love it or hate there is no getting away from the TV show as everyone seems to be glued to the ITV2 reality show at the moment.

Husbands/partners/boyfriends you name it are are joining in on the fun and watching the programme with their loved ones or groaning as once again 9 pm comes and the TV remote is snatched from their hands for an hour or an hour and a half so us girls can sit back and watch our favourite show of the summer.

With that in mind here is our lowdown on the very first week of Love Island.

Favourite Couple

Right from the get-go, the first coupling up is always really just based on someone’s looks. Having only met each other for literally a couple of seconds, the choice is really who you fancy the most, not on who has the best personality.

As poor Dr Alex soon found out on first entering the villa, based on his looks he wasn’t really any of the girl’s type and unfortunately found himself on the sub bench straight away.

Jack and Dani seem to be the favourite couple and already in the first week according to social media are the pair that everyone would love to win the show.

After a rocky start due to Jack admitting that he had cheated in all his previous relationships, Dani wasn’t sure whether he was the right guy for her, however, after spending a bit more time with the lad she soon decided to give him a chance.

The daughter of Eastenders actor Danny Dyer just wants to find her Prince Charming and Jack wants to settle down with someone, they seem like the perfect couple. Fans of Love Island are really rooting for these two to go the distance and eventually win the show.

Least Favourite Islander

I think it’s safe to say that the least favourite islander at the moment has to be Hayley. This girl seems to have a pretty face but nothing else going for her at the moment.

During a conversation with the girls about Brexit, Hayley piped up with “Does Brexit mean they are going to cut down all the trees?” She also thought that because Eyal is spiritual, it means he can see ghosts! Really where is the girl from?

Hayley coupled up with model Eyal on the first night, but it seemed she soon realised that he was not her type at all. That’s fair enough, if you are looking for love then you need to make sure you at least like the guy or you know what his name is, this seems to be something that Hayley keeps forgetting.

However it seemed when the first recoupling was announced, the girl would do whatever it took to make sure that Eyal picked her, meaning her place on the island was safe.

Did the Right Girl Leave the Island?

The first recoupling took place on Friday night and it was down to Adam to decide whether he would be loyal to Kendall or if he wanted to see if the grass was in fact greener on the other side and continue pursuing Rosie.

I think as much as viewers wanted Adam to pick Kendall, the fact that he kissed Rosie within minutes of him cooling things off with Kendall just goes to show the guy has no loyalties to anyone.

For a girl that is a really hard thing to see or in Kendall’s case here about, and the fact that after finding out about it she wanted to give the guy another chance has you wondering whether that is actually the case or if she just wanted to secure her place.

It was no secret that Kendall’s last relationship ended unexpectedly. According to her one morning, her ex just told her he didn’t want to be in a relationship with her anymore, hence why the girl didn’t want to rush things with Adam.

But, if that was the case then would you really forgive someone that easily from moving on so quickly?

It seemed that Adam was fed up with grafting Kendall, his decision to recouple with Rosie meant that Kendall was the first Islander to leave.

Was Wes Right to Tell Eyal?

During a chat with Laura and Wes, Hayley confided in the couple about her relationship with Eyal. She said that Eyal’s ‘buzzing’ post recoupling demeanour made her feel ‘physically sick’. She admitted to being grateful that he had chosen her but that after kissing him it had basically clarified that she doesn’t want anything more to do with him.

The girl was brutal in her confession even saying that the poor guys breathing was bothering her. Am I the only person that get’s irritated whenever she opens her mouth?

Feeling a bit uncomfortable with the conversation Wes made the decision to let his friend know exactly what the girl had been saying about him, but, was that the right decision?

Hell yeah… If it was the other way round and one of the girls had heard one of the boys bad-mouthing their friend then they would 100% tell that girl what was said, because its ‘Girl Code’. Why is it any different for the boys?

Hayley was out of order and Wes totally did the right thing, he shows that he is a loyal friend and has his mates back.

Laura and Samira need to get off of their soap boxes and give the guy a break if it was the other way round they would have done exactly the same, and I’m pretty sure it would have been mentioned within seconds of the conversation ending.

Eyal’s Confronts Hayley

Quite possibly one of the best moments of the series so far was Eyal confronting Hayley about her badmouthing him to people and Hayley’s crocodile tears.

It was the moment everyone had been waiting for, Hayley finally got taken down a peg or two and Eyal’s confrontation with her was pure TV gold.

Why would you kiss someone you didn’t like and totally lead them on. Poor Eyal has been completely mugged off!

The New Islanders

At the end of Sunday nights episode, viewers saw three new islanders enter the villa. Charlie and Josh were the first two to enter the villa and it was soon clear to see that the two young lads were new eye candy for some of the girls in the villa.

Samira and Charlie already seem to know each other, they both clicked on a dating site but just never got round to meeting up. Will they be the newest pair to couple up?

It looks like things could get really interesting this week, which girls will stay loyal to their fella’s and who could have their heads turned?

Megan was the newest female to enter the villa, I am keeping everything crossed that she will be the girl for Alex.

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