Nev And Max Meet Brianna The Catfish Pro in S7 EP7 of Catfish

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When Traves asks for help with his internet girlfriend Candy, it looks like a classic case of cat fishing. But after more pieces of the puzzle come together, Ne and Max realise they may have caught a bigger catfish than expected in S7: EP7 of Catfish.

This recap and review contains spoilers!

Who needs help from Nev and Max?

This week Traves needs some help from the catfish team. Traves is a 25 year old mechanic from LA, no plane flights this week then.

Traves just wants to settle down so just like a lot of young people seem to do in the US rather than go leaving the confines of their home he joined a dating site. He’s not a bad looking guy actually so why he didn’t just go out and meet someone is not only the question from Nev and Max but also for fans of the show too.

Traves joined the dating site two years ago and came upon the profile of a young girl from Vegas called Candy Red, sounds like a Vegas showgirl name doesn’t it?

Traves and Candy Red started messaging each other everyday which as we all know by no that soon turns into texting. According to Traves Candy knows him really well and he just wants to look after her, he is hoping that she will eventually move to LA to be with him.

Now what’s the first red flag that always seems to get mentioned on the show? Of course they don’t video chat. Traves says that they talk on the phone but it’s never for long, it seems to him that she always wants to end their conversation and get off the phone.

The second red flag is that she has asked him for money before for rent and bills. Even though he has not sent her any of the money that she has asked for, Traves does mention that she wants to become a successful model and that he wants to help her fulfill this so if it’s money that she needs for this to happen he would help her out, he would after all eventually like to marry her.

Literally within just five minutes of watching this episode, I was shouting at the TV for Traves to see sense and realise that he is 100% being cat-fished. Like Nev and Max I always hope for a happy ending but with this episode I was sure it was t going to be one, as where the catfish boys.

The final red flag for this episode was the fact that they had tried to meet up before but it didn’t happen. Traves invited Candy to his cousins wedding, he wanted her to meet his family. Then on the day of the wedding he couldn’t get hold of her, Traves fears that she may have someone else… No Traves she has just lied about who she says she is.

After seven series of this show, it always surprises me how people are still so gullible when it comes to meeting people online. They have obviously seen the show before the write in, and as a huge fan myself and watching every episode I would  like to think that if I was suspicious of someone, then I would do all I could to find out about them.

What can Nev and Max find out?

This week the boys think that it is going to be easy to find out who this girl really is and just by looking at the URL they can see the name Tiana in it. Who is Tiana then?

A run of the images should show something, I mean her name is Candy Red after all, and what do you know the second image search brings up an adult film star called Kapri and her details show that she is also married, so there you go the woman in the pictures that Traves has in fact a married porn star not Candy Red.

Poor Traves just doesn’t get it though, where you not listening or paying attention? For a brief moment he thinks he is Catullus talking to a pornstar, time for Nev and to clear that up for him as he has not been talking to the woman in the pictures, the person that he’s been talking to is using images of that lady in the pictures. All cleared up?

Next it’s time to try the URL on Facebook, this brings up the page of a Brianna Breez, who is she then? Time to find a friend to reach out too.

Who is Veronica?

After reaching out to Veronica a friend of Brianna Breez on Facebook, they receive a phone call from Veronica. Veronica tells them that she has never heard of Brianna or of a Candy Red. She says that she has been tagged in a number on things in Facebook recently by people that she doesn’t know and for this reason she hardly uses Facebook.

She then quickly ends the call, telling them she had to go but she will call them back. Just who is Veronica?

This lady sounds dodgy!

After returning home and getting some decent advice from wife Laura, Nev texts Veronica again asking him to call her.

The next day

Veronica agrees to meet up with Nev and Max, she mentions that the recasting she ended the conversation so abruptly the previous day was because she was concerned they weren’t the guys from Catfish, did you not recognize Nev’s voice Veronica?

Turns out Veronica does know who Candy Red is, she is in fact her sister, she has never heard of the name Tiana or a guy called Traves. She does however mention that she knows that her sister aka Candy Red has been cat-fishing people for a very long time and Veronica is getting sick of it!

Now of course Traves is gutted with this news, he can’t believe he fell for it and is was really comfortable talking to her, he says he still wants to be friends with her though. Will this ever realise that he had been taken for a fool and been lied to for two years. That a long time to be opening up to someone and just have them lie to you. Come on Traves pull it together there is someone decent out there for you.

Who is Candy Red?

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Rafter arranging a secret meet up with Candy they head to their destination, the meeting has to be kept secret because according to Veronica, if Candy knows what is going on she won’t show, so she has sneakily arranged to take her sister shopping.

It’s the moment of truth and surprise surprise Candy is not happy she has been caught, she says she is sorry but doesn’t really know what else to say, how about, i’m sorry I lied to you, I’m sorry I created a fake profile and have you believe you were talking to someone else, I’m sorry that I have been talking to multiple guys using fake profiles, oh and I’m sorry I asked you for money.

Nev and Max find out the truth

Candy Red’s real name is Brianna, she is 28 years old and has her own real social media account however she uses the name Tiana not Brianna (still a lie) and while she is being honest about herself she honestly admits to cat-fishing people for a decade!

To be fair on the girl she obviously has a few self esteem issues and doesn’t think much or herself, not that this is a good enough reason to start lying to people about who she really is but in all honesty I did feel a bit sorry for the girl when she finally broke down and told the truth. Although I’m not sure if I believed her when she said she actually really liked Traves. The girl is a pro at lying after all!

During the meet up the next day to try and clear the air, it looks like Traves has finally seen sense and is not going to believe anything Brianna says, even though he forgives her he can’t forgive the situation and he hopes that Brianna gets some help and doesn’t catfish anyone else. Well done Traves.

3 months later

Traves is happy and feeling more confident he has even managed to go on a few dates.

Brianna is not cat-fishing anymore and since the episode she has got really close to her sister Veronica and is feeling much better about herself. She is also now in a relationship.

Where can you watch this episode of Catfish?

You can watch the episode in the UK on Now TV.

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