A New Coupling up See’s 4 Islanders Leave in Week Five of Love Island

love island 2018 week 5
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Love Island is now in its sixth week, which means there are only a few weeks left to go and then our summer marathon will be officially over and the Love Island withdrawal will officially begin.

With that in mind here is our weekly lowdown on the best bits of week five of ITV2’s Love Island. This has been my favourite week of Love Island so far.

The Boys Return to the Villa

After spending a few days in the Casa Amour villa it was time for the boys to return back to the Love Island villa.

However all the Islanders had a big decision to make, it was time for another re-coupling, would they continue being paired up with the person they were with before Casa Amour or could their heads be turned, meaning they would choose to be re-coupled up with a new person?

It’s a tense moment waiting to see who has stayed loyal to who as the new coupling up begins. Georgia is left heartbroken when Josh arrives back in the villa with new girl Kaz. After staying loyal to her fella, Georgia is devastated to find out that Josh has not behaved himself and is now re-coupling with Kaz.

Wes is also left alone on his return to the villa after “muggy” Megan decides to recouple with Alex.

Wes and Georgia Pick Two People to Date

After the recoupling, the two single islanders Wes and Georgia were given the chance to pick two people that they would like to go out on a date with.

Wes’s first choice was Darylle, and the two of them enjoyed a little chat over a glass of Prosecco. Of course, we all knew who his second date was going to be so it was no surprise to anyone when he picked Megan.

Georgia picked Sam as her first choice, followed by Jack (new) which ruffled Laura’s feathers. Now I totally get that Laura would be slightly miffed that her so-called villa bestie picked her fella and I’m sure that other girls would feel the same way too.

However, Georgia had to pick someone and the only other single guy in the villa apart from Sam was Wes and she couldn’t pick him because he was also on a date. She was decent enough to tell Laura beforehand that it was Jack that she was going to pick, and at the end of the day, she had to pick someone. (I’ll get to the kiss later).

The Public Vote Which Couple to Save

I always love a good public vote during the week and also a dumping from the island, and during week five we got both of these.

The public was asked to vote for their favourite couple. Those couples with the fewest votes risked being kicked off the island, but there was also a twist this time. Newly single Georgia and Wes had the deciding vote on who to save and recouple up with.

The couples with the fewest votes were, Darylle and Adam, Ellie and Sam and Megan and Alex and yes we all guessed straight away who Wes was going to pick to save, leaving some viewers tweeting that the show was fixed. Don’t tell me that!!

With Georgia and Wes saving Sam and Megan it was time to say goodbye to the villa’s heartbreaker Adam along with Darylle, Ellie and Alex.

Who Kissed Who?

So the big debate in the villa so far has been about the Georgia and Jack kiss that happened at the end of their date.

Now come on we all saw it, there is no denying that it was an awkward moment and that it was, in fact, Georgia who went in for the kiss.

According to Georgia, it was a mutual thing with the two of them both wanting to kiss at the end of the date. But you can clearly see that Jack, in fact, went in for a peck on the cheek not a kiss on the lips.

This is one of those moments when you really want the kiss played to the Islanders just so they can see who is telling the truth. If you saw Love Island Aftersun last night you will have seen that also on the replay of the kiss, Wes, (who told everyone that he saw the kiss happen) in fact saw nothing because he was to busy kissing Megan.

Come on Love Island show them the video!

As a girl, I think that it is safe to say that Georgia did, in fact, break all girl code when she went in for the kiss. Fair enough to the date but you do not go to kiss the fella that your friend is seeing. Every girl knows that. One other thing, stop going on about loyalty, the kiss just goes to show that you are not at all loyal.

Was Ellie Right to Speak her Mind?

After finding out about the kiss, Ellie was the girl who really proved that she had her friend Laura’s back. Yes, she was wrong to call Georgia what she called her but, in the heat of the moment, I think she just said something stupid because she was being a decent friend.

I also think that unless the truth is going to be revealed about the kiss, then it should be put to bed now, otherwise, it is going to get dragged out and then become boring.

Girls stop bitching and just get on with each other!!

Will Laura Find Love in the Last Few Weeks

Now I feel that throughout this series of Love Island, everybody, including myself have been holding on to the hope that Dr Alex is going to find his true love on the show. Let’s face it with only a few weeks left it looks like that is not going to happen and I think Alex is just happy plodding along with the lads, being everybody’s friend.

But what about Laura? After being mugged off by Megan and Wes and now it appears she has ruined her chances with Jack, will we see some new guy enter the villa and be the right man for her?

I can’t work out how I feel about Laura, one minute I want her to meet someone and to be happy but then I also think that when she was with Wes and Jack she comes across a bit whiny and needy.

Yes, she is nearly 30 and so is potentially looking for someone to settle done with but going for younger men is probably not the ideal way to find that special someone. Not that I am saying young guys don’t want to settle down, but, you are more likely to find that someone if the person is slightly older and not in their early 20’s. To be honest I’m all up for Laura and Alex coupling up I think they would make an awesome couple.

Up Next: Check out our review for week four of Love Island, where the boys settle into the Casa Amour villa.

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