Catfish Season 7 Episode 11 Review – Manipulation Goes in Overdrive

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Kiaira needs help from Nev and Max in Season 7 Episode 11 of Catfish.

She wants to find if Cortney who she met on Plenty of Fish is who she says she is.

Kiaira and Cortney

Kiaira is 21 and wants help from the Catfish team to find out if her friend Cortney who she met on the dating site Plenty of Fish is telling her the truth.

Apparently, Cortney is in the Navy and whenever Kiaira hoped to meet up with her friend Cortney always had an excuse.

Supposedly Cortney has a 7-year-old son, so whenever the two of them were supposed to meet she would say that she couldn’t find a babysitter.

Not only that but the two of them are never able to video chat as Cortney says her phone is broken.

Surely that should get some alarm bells ringing?

This, however, doesn’t seem a problem to Kiaira as she seems to believe anything that Cortney says to her.

Now without meaning to sound rude just how far will someone go to try and manipulate another person and when does it become obvious to the person who is being manipulated?

During most of the episodes of Catfish, I always think (or in most cases shout at the TV screen) just how gullible can people really be and this was certainly an episode where I did just that.

When the discussion of children arises, Cortney tells Kiaira that she doesn’t want to have to take time off work during her pregnancy and Kiaria also feels the same way.

Money gets sent

They decide that they will have a surrogate instead, with Kiara sending Cortney money every time she got paid to help cover the costs of this.

Yep, you heard that right.

Kiaira is sending money to someone she has never met before, believing that with the help of a surrogate, she and Cortney will soon have a child of their own.

Let’s rewind a little bit, shall we?

Firstly why on earth would you even be considering this with someone you have never met and secondly, it’s not that simple is it?

Yes, it takes nine months to have a baby but it can take years to find a surrogate to carry a baby for you and surely a lot of paperwork to deal with too.

Its OK though, Kiaira has heard a baby crying in the background whilst her and Cortney have been on the phone so as far as she is concerned there is definitely a baby.

Can Nev and Max Prove That Kiaira is Being Catfished?

Eager to get to the bottom of this ridiculous situation, the guys meet up with Kiaira to try and work out just who Cortney is and what it is she is getting up too.

Even though the girls have been speaking to each other for two years and they now apparently have a baby the only pictures that Kiaira has seen of Cortney are the ones that she shares on Instagram, and of course there are no pictures of a baby on there.

Its quite sad really that Kiaira believes that she is now a mum and if there is, in fact, a baby that Kiaira has not been included in anything to do with the child.

Nev and Max do Some Digging

After sending Nev and Max all the info that she has on Cortney, the team try to find out whatever they can on the mystery woman.

The only thing the guys have to go on is Cortney’s phone number and Instagram.

According to Kiaira she doesn’t have a Facebook account.

The phone number they have for Cortney brings up the name Britney with the same surname.

A quick search of this name also brings up a Facebook page, where the guys find that Britney has a sister called Cortney, and it looks like Cortney has been pregnant. So why the surrogate then?

After reaching out to a friend, the guys receive a call from the friend who confirms that Cortney has in fact just had a baby.

She also confirms that Cortney is in the army.

Not only that the friend confirms that Cortney is in a very happy relationship with her partner, who is male.

Who’s The Real Cortney?

With this new information, the Catfish team share the news with Kiaira, who still seems to believe that Cortney could be telling the truth.

Even after seeing the pregnancy photo Kiaira is hoping that there is a reasonable explanation to justify this. She is desperately hoping that she has not been used or manipulated.

The truth is finally going to be revealed to Kiaira when the team travel to Cortney’s house. Cortney is in fact, Britney.

Britney is Cortney’s sister and of course, there is no baby (the baby that Kiaira heard on the phone was Britney’s sisters baby).

The money Kiaira was sending was used to fix Britney’s car, well at least her wheels are sorted.

Britney does, however, admit that she is in love with Kiara.

She just felt that because she looks a bit different Kiaria wouldn’t be interested.

Britney admits that living with her sister made it easy to gain access to her social media accounts and Catfish Kiaira.

With her confession now out in the open to Kiaira, Nev and Max want Britney to also confess to her sister what she has been up to.

Cortney seems quite shocked by what she hears from her sister but blood is thicker than water and she forgives Britney for her actions.

Catfish S7 EP11


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