Rosie Leaves the Love Island Villa at the End of Week 3

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It seems like forever that Love Island has been on our TV’s, not that it’s only in its fourth week.

That just goes to show that we have all fallen in love with the Islanders and we are hooked on the fourth series of the show.

Here is our weekly lowdown on just what happened during the third week of ITV’s Love Island.

Tensions Were Running High

After the arrival of new girls Zara and Ellie last Sunday, lothario Adam once again had his head turned and when Government Advisor Zara walked in Adam got that twinkle in his eye and it looked like his previous love interest Rosie had been forgotten.

Adam was soon telling the other lads in the villa that she was 100% his type and that he wasn’t exclusive with Rosie so he would definitely want to get to know Zara and within minutes of getting to know the new lady, he was doing exactly the same to Rosie as he had done to Kendal during the first week.

Tensions were also running high between Wes and Laura, Laura was not impressed with new girl Ellie and was pretty sure that Wes would be the next person to stray.

Poor Wes, the guy didn’t do anything wrong, he got asked out on a date by Ellie which was not his fault at all, then Laura got all jealous because he wasn’t paying her any attention. Grow up love, you are supposed to be the oldest person in the villa.

I honestly cannot see these two lasting the duration in the villa, I think that Wes is far too young to want to settle down with someone and let’s face it, Laura’s biological clock is ticking which probably means she is ready to settle down with someone and start a family. I’m not convinced that Wes is the right guy for that.

Rosie Says Goodbye to the Villa

With Adam now making his moves on Zara, Rosie was in the same boat as Samaria and now found herself single and sleeping outside with friend Georgia, rather than having to share a bed with Adam.

Due to this, it meant when the surprise recoupling was announced with the boys picking who they wanted to be coupled up with, Rosie was in danger of not getting picked by anyone.

Samira was also in danger of going home as single Alex had set his sights on coupling up with Ellie, with the nation right behind him, we were also sat at home hoping that unlucky in love Alex would finally have someone to spoon with him, however, if you saw last night’s episode you will know that we were all wrong and it looks like Ellie was never interested in the Doctor.

When it finally came down to the re-coupling it was up to new guy Sam to decide between Rosie and Samira. To be honest I actually thought he was going to go for Rosie but no the guy did the decent thing and went more on personality than looks and choose Samira, sending Rosie home.

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