S7: EP10 Review of Catfish: Is there A Happy Ending For Dylan?

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Dylan’s desperately fallen for a beautiful model with an elusive secret. With all the standard red flags, Nev and Max assume it’s an open and shut case. The truth, however, is something stranger than fiction.

Something new this week for Nev and Max, instead of receiving just one email the catfish detective sleuths receive three. That’s right three emails, one from Catfish Casting, one from a girl called Savenia and the third from someone called Dylan.

Catfish Casting are forwarding on an email they received from a guy named Dylan who has been talking to a girl named Savenia, however, one of the producers remembered getting an email from someone called Savenia months ago

Savenia got in touch with the team a while ago saying that she had been talking to someone for the past five years. The guy that she has been talking to has tried to get her to video chat but she hasn’t done this because she doesn’t want to show him the real her, according to Savenia she is not the person the guy thinks that she is.

When the catfish team tried to get back in touch with Savenia, her email bounced back and not having a phone number for her they were unable to get hold of her.

They have recently received an email from a guy called Dylan, Dylan is 19 and lives in Virginia, he claims to have met the love of his life five years ago. Her name is Savenia and he met her on Facebook. Dylan has his doubts though as Savenia refuses to video chat, they talk on the phone and Dylan would like the help from Nev and Max to finally meet the girl he has been talking to.

Who Is Dylan?

So let’s just clear up the fact that yes it sounds like the same Savenia from the email the team received, I mean Savenia is not a very common name is it?

Dylan tells the guys that he has moved around a lot as he hasn’t really had a steady home. He has been bought up by his dad as his mother has been in and out of prison. His mother came back into his life when he was 14 (the same time that he started talking to Savenia), but then went back to prison, he no longer has a relationship with his mother.

Dylan tells Nev and Max that he and Savenia meet on Facebook after she sent him a random friend request, they became friends and started talking all the time. They stay in touch on the phone.

Now as far as Dylan is aware Savenia is a model who also works in a pizza shop and loves animals. Ha Ha what kind of model works in a pizza shop, surely you don’t believe that do you, Dylan?

This certainly seems too good to be true, there is also the big elephant in the room that needs to be cleared up. Is it the same girl from the email? Just what is she hiding? Could Savenia actually be Dylan’s mum?

Is Savenia Who She Says She Is?

After arriving in California and sharing with the team all the information Dylan has on Savenia it’s time to do some digging.

I certainly agree with Max that this girl is not who she says she is, her photos are all too perfect. If she really is who she says she is then why have the two of them, not video called? There seems to be no reason for this unless she is lying about who she is.

As usual, the guys have some information to go on and the first thing is they need to search some of the images they have of Savenia. The image search, however, shows nothing, damn these people are getting good at catfishing.

Savenia’s name search on Google shows Nev and Max her Twitter account and a Youtube account, however, both of these are pretty useless as they have nothing on them. The only other thing to do is to reach out to one of her friends on Facebook.

After sending a message to someone called Colleen the boys so receive a phone call from the friend. Colleen says that she went to school with Savenia, she doesn’t know if she is in a relationship and is not aware of being with anyone called Dylan, although she may have mentioned that her sister Riley knows someone called Dylan.

Riley is Savenia’s 23-year-old sister, according to her Facebook page she is a lover of animals, hang on a minute didn’t Dylan say that Savenia is a lover of animals? Could Savenia, in fact, be Riley? If that’s the case it would mean that when she first started to speak to Dylan, he was only 14 and she would have been 18. That doesn’t sound too good, does it? Not only that but the phone number that Riley has on her Facebook account is the same number that Dylan has for Servina. It has got to be Riley right?

It’s finally time to tell Dylan what they have found out

After sharing with Dylan what they have found out about Savenia and the information that they have received on her sister Nev makes the call to Savenia to see if they can get her to come and meet Dylan.

It’s a rather awkward phone call, Nev asks Savenia about the email that she originally sent Catfish back in the summer. He explains that they also received an email from Dylan asking them for their help so that they could finally meet up.

Savenia is freaked out by this and tell’s Nev that she feels like she isn’t prepared, yeah not prepared to make up a load of lies Savenia. She says she is not really ready to meet him yet as she is not who she says she is. Poor Dylan looks crushed, but don’t worry Nev is a pro at this now and manages to talk Savenia round.

The Next Day

A nervous Dylan is anxiously waiting to meet the love of his life, the person that he has been talking to for five years. Now throughout this episode, I was certain that Savenia was someone completely different. Let’s just look at the facts.

  • Dylan and Savenia have never video chatted in the five years that they have been talking.
  • Savenia previously contacted the show explaining that she had in fact been catfishing someone.
  • Savenia freaked out when Nev called her.
  • The text from the Catfish producer saying they have picked THEM up from the airport.

So you can see why I was excited to finally find out who on earth Savenia was and if you watched the episode I am sure that just like me you were totally shocked when Savina actually gets out of the car. She is actually the girl in the pictures.

What is the Big Secret?

Savenia tells everyone that she has posted a lot of pictures that she had photoshopped, she says she doesn’t really look like that. She looks pretty much the same to me. She admits to having no self-confidence.

I was still patiently waiting for someone else to step out of the car who for her to confess more to her story but it just didn’t happen. Everything that she has told Dylan is 100% true and she is looking forward to spending some time with him and getting to know him a bit more. The girl is even talking about moving to Virginia to be with Dylan.

Oh my god its, another happy ending on Catfish.

Three months later

Dylan and Savenia are now boyfriend and girlfriend, she has met his family and is now hoping to move in with him.

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