Are These the Ten Snakiest Moments of Love Island 2018 so Far?

Love Island Georgia and Laura
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The list could go on for the top best/worst bits of this year’s Love Island. Just when you think you have done the last list something else pops into your head and then a whole list of moments start flying around.

So far we have given you our five most memorable moments, along with our five most cringest moments but something that nearly slipped off our radar was the snakiest moments, and guess what? There are a few.

Here is our countdown of what we think could be the Ten Snakiest Moments of Love Island 2018 so far.

Samira Consoling Laura

So Megan confided in Samira that she really fancied Wes and she wanted to let the guy know how she felt even though he was coupled up with Laura.

When Wes called things off with Laura, Samira was the first person to console her also telling the girl that she had no idea this was going to happen. Well yes, you did Samira we all saw your conversation with Megan.

Eyal Breaking Boy Code

When new girl Megan entered the villa everyone was hoping that she would be the girl for Alex, so they all backed away so that he could try and get to know her.

Everyone apart from Eyal, who had no problem breaking boy code and standing in the way of his friend trying to get to know the girl. As far as Eyal was concerned he would make sure that Alex didn’t get anywhere near the girl.

Megan Telling Wes

It was the moment when we all saw that Megan has no loyalties when she finished things Eyal and then moved onto her next victim Wes, even though he was coupled up with her friend Laura.

I don’t know what was worse, the fact that she asked for a kiss off him before he has finished things with Laura or her smirking face by the fire pit when Wes finished it.

Adam Kisses Rosie

New girl Rosie had only been in the villa for 5 minutes before Adam was working his charm on her.

Not at all concerned about how Kendell would feel after the two of them were newly coupled up together. Adam ended things with Kendell and then swooped in for a snog with Rosie not seeming to care who saw.

Josh Returns With Kaz

Yes, these two are officially boyfriend and girlfriend now but let’s not forget how they met. Josh was with Georgia when he was sent with the other lads to the Casa Amour villa.

On seeing Kaz his head was soon turned and he returned to the Love Island villa with Kaz on his arm rather than staying loyal to Georgia.

Megan and Wes Sleep on the Day Bed

The same night that Wes finished things with Laura to start things up with Megan, neither Megan or Wes seemed to care about Laura’s feelings at all when it came to sleeping arrangements.

Walking together through the bedroom, the two of them decided to spend the night together outside on the daybed.

Adam Craking With Everyone

Adam couldn’t seem to help his self when it came to the ladies in the villa. First, it was Kendall, then he moved onto Rosie whilst also trying to crack on with Megan. When Zara entered the villa he finished things with Rosie to make his move, and when Zara left the villa it was Darylle that soon took his fancy.

According to Adam coupling up with Darylle made him realise that he did, in fact, have strong feelings for Zara and since leaving the villa the two of them are now an item.

Megan Kisses Alex and Dean

Whilst the boys were away at Casa Amour, the ladies were introduced to six new hotties, Jack, Charlie, Alex, Frankie, Dean and Jordan.

It seemed that Megan was quick to forget about Wes when she shared a kiss with first new guy Alex and then later on with Dean, right in front of Alex.

Georgia Kisses Jack

Newly single Georgia picked Jack to take on a date, even though he was coupled up with her best friend in the Villa Laura.

At the end of the date, Georgia when in for a kiss on the lips off of Jack, proving that no matter how many times she tells people she is a “loyal person” she is quite happy to kiss the guy that her friend is seeing.

Idris Kissgate Lie

New guy Idris picked Laura to take out on a date and try to get to know her a bit more.

During the date, the professional boxer told Laura that Jack and Georgia both went in for the kill during their date, despite viewers having already seen video footage showing that Georgia was forcing the kiss more.

There you have it that’s our Top Ten Snakiest Moments so far on Love Island 2018. Have you got any more you would want to be added to the list? Let us know in the comments box below.

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