Charlotte Crosby’s New Show ‘The Charlotte Show’ Coming to MTV

the charlotte show mtv
Image Source: MTV

There is some exciting news for fans of Charlotte Crosby if you sick of waiting for the 3rd season of Just Tattoo Of Us or you miss her face in Geordie Shore.

The reality TV favourite is getting her own series aptly named The Charlotte Show which premieres on MTV on Wednesday 28 March at 9 pm.

The Charlotte Show is going to be a no-holds-barred look at the Just Tattoo Of Us stars life like never before, surely not I hear you say, did we not get all that in Geordie Shore?
Charlotte who has an impressive 13 million followers on social media is going to let her fans get a closer look of what goes on behind closed doors.

Charlotte’s mum Letitia is no stranger to Charlottes snap chats or Instagram, but during the Charlotte Show fans will finally get to meet the most important man in her life, her dad Gary.

Since her stint on Geordie Shore Charlotte has done really well for herself, she has bought out a number of books and fitness DVD’s and has appeared on a number of TV shows.

After finally ending her relationship with Gary Beadle who she meet on Geordie Shore she then went onto have another highly publicized rocky relationship with Stephen Bear her co presenter on Just Tattoo Of Us, the couple finally split last year.

Fans of Miss Crosby cannot wait to find out a little bit more about the lady and hopefully get to delve a bit deeper on what her life is really like. Luckily there’s a little preview for you to see.

Will you be watching the Charlotte Show? Let us know in the comments below.

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