Two New Islanders Join Love Island at the End of Week 2

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Oh, what a difference a week has made to the Love Island Villa and a complete change of viewers opinions of people in the house too.

It seems that in the first week fans of the show were rooting for Eyal to partner up with someone other than Hayley, whereas week two, everyone just wants the guy to leave the house for good.

We watched it and screamed and the TV this past week, here is our weekly low down on week two of Love Island.

Favourite Couple This Week

Jack and Dani have done it again and are most definitely still my favourite couple on the show. It seems like there is nothing to dislike about these two.

From their impressions of the other islanders to the general real friendship that these two have built during their short time in the villa, Jack and Dani are still the favourites to win the show.

The lucky couple got to spend some alone time together last night when they got voted by the other islanders to spend the night in the hideaway. With the help from Adam, super keen Jack even treated Dani to a romantic breakfast on the veranda in the morning.

Worst Couple This Week

Oh how things have changed, in last weeks review of the show, I really bigged up Eyal. I honestly felt sorry for the guy after his coupling up with Hayley seemed to be a massive mistake and Hayley was rather brutal when it came to her opinion of him.

Well as much as I disliked Hayley, I think I can honestly say that the girl had a point. As soon as new girl Megan entered the villa, Eyal was all over her and didn’t seem to care who got in his way.

Viewers have been patiently waiting for someone new to come in so that the loveable Alex would get a chance of coupling up with someone in the hope of finding love, and it looked like Megan could be the lucky lady.

However poor Alex didn’t really stand a chance with his so-called friend Eyal already planning his move on the girl. How funny that last week viewers were hoping that Hayley would get booted out of the villa and now in week 2 Eyal has shown us his slippery snake side and we want him gone.

But it’s not all Eyal is it? It seems that Megan has a snaky side to her too and absolutely loves the attention she is getting from both Eyal and Alex. These two are well suited and are making it to the top of my list for the worst couple of the week.

Will Doctor Alex Ever Find Love?

Everyone’s favourite Doctor still hasn’t managed to be picked for a coupling up yet that isn’t just based on a friendship. Since entering the villa Alex and Samira have stayed coupled up with each other as both of them still haven’t found anyone that they are attracted to.

Yes Alex has the hots for Megan and would love to get to know her more but as a viewer and seeing Megan’s actions recently, I think it is safe to say that she is definitely not the right woman for him, and if Alex got the chance to couple up with her, it would only be a matter of time before his heart got broken.

Let’s keep everything crossed that with two new girls in the villa, one of them will be the right girl for Alex. We’re rooting for you, Alex.

Will Adam Turn Over a New Leaf?

There is no denying that Adam is a good looking guy, I mean come on he’s tall, dark and handsome, but, he is also one of those guys that knows how hot he is.

I’ve certainly got mixed feelings about the guy one minute I can’t stand him, the next minute I find myself warming to him.

I love the bromance he has going on with Alex, wanting to help the guy out in his mission to try and speak to Megan without cringy Eyal about was one of the funniest moments of the show so far.

However, with two new ladies in the house, will his head be turned once again as it has been whenever any new ladies enter the villa? This week could be an interesting week.

Did the Right Couple Leave the Villa?

Even though its only been a couple of days, I can honestly say that I haven’t noticed that Hayley and Charlie are no longer in the villa.

I wasn’t a massive fan of Hayley and I think that Charlie was just unlucky to have coupled up with her as this meant that his place in the villa wasn’t going to be safe. It would of been nice to see a little bit more of the fella.

However, saying that I do think the right couple left the villa.

Who Will Be The Next Couple to Leave The Villa?

My bets for the next couple to leave the villa are either Eyal and Megan or Josh and Georgia. I cannot wait for recoupling this week to find out if the boys will stay loyal to their ladies.

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