Bumblebee Trailer Takes Us Right Back To The 80’s

The Transformers return to the 80's in the new trailer for Bumblebee

bumblebee movie
Youtube Capture / Paramount Pictures
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The Transformer movies started well but quickly became an all-action joke, Bumblebee looks set to recapture that original excitement.

Michael Bay has released the reigns on this prequel spin-off and Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings, Paranorman) has accepted the challenge.

Fans of the original series will be genuinely excited by this trailer. Yes, it does have the kind of destructive action you would expect from the Bay movies but there’s something more.

Taking it back

We see Bumble in his proper form as a VW Beetle, we also see several other Autobots and Decepticons in their original forms as well.

Perhaps most exciting is Optimus Prime who appears in the traditional Red & Blue design. This looks set to be the movie that original fans have been waiting for.

You can view the trailer below

The movie will be set in 1987 and will see the titular Autobot on the run from the Decepticons. He’s discovered in a junkyard by a young woman named Charlie. She buys him, not realising he’s more than just a beaten up old Beetle.

Much like the original Bay Transformers, the story appears to start with the meeting of Bumblebee and a young human. No points for originality but then again you’ve got to start somewhere.

Charlie is played by Hailee Steinfeld (The Edge of Seventeen, True Grit) and alongside her will be the legend that is John Cena (WWE, Daddy’s Home 2).

Optimus prime will again be voiced by Peter Cullen (Transformers, Winnie The Pooh) while additional voices will be provided by Angela Bassett (Contact, Olympus Has Fallen) and Justin Theroux (Maniac, American Psycho). John Ortiz (American Gangster, Silver Linings Playbook), Jorge Lendeborg Jr (Spiderman Homecoming, Brigsby Bear) and Glynn Turman (Super 8, Gremlins) also star.

What will be

Obviously, we have learned not to get our hopes up from the previous Transformers movies but we are quietly hopeful that this can be different. Our biggest disappointment with the previous films was the redesign of our heroes. Bumblebee and Megatron, in fact, all of the Decepticons, looked awful and there was no need for the change.

As this movie is set in 1989 we really hope that Soundwave can make a proper appearance, complete with awesome cassette and even the totally ridiculous Wingthing. He does appear briefly in the trailer so here’s hoping.

Triple the fun

One final clever detail in the trailer is that it shows us Triple Changing. Only a handful of Transformers could do this so expect to see the likes of Blitzwing or Broadside in this movie. Interestingly, we see Bumblebee do this in the trailer too. Note his modern head and the original bumblebee one.

For those who don’t know some Transformers were developed to be able to change into multiple things, not just their vehicle and robot forms, this was called Triple Changing in the Transformers universe.

Bumblebee will be released on the 26th December 2018

Are you looking forward to the Bumblebee movie? Which classic Transformers do you want to see? Why not let us know in the comments.


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