Stan & Ollie Biopic Trailer Shows Us The Men Behind The Laughs

Stan & Ollie
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Laurel & Hardy are fondly remembered as comedy legends and a new biopic named Stan & Ollie will tell their story.

Back in the 1930’s Laurel & Hardy changed cinema forever by introducing a new brand of slapstick comedy previously unseen on the big screen. They became Hollywood legends, starring in over 100 movies together between 1929 and 1951.

All was not what it seemed however as behind the scenes they fell out regularly and Oliver Hardy’s health was often too poor to allow him to perform.

Tragic Comedy

Stan & Ollie will document their rise to fame as well as their eventual end.

Steve Coogan (Alan Partridge, Philomena) plays Stan Laurel and John C Reilly (Chicago, Talladega Nights) plays Oliver Hardy.

To us this is brilliant casting. They both have a resemblance to the men they are portraying and they are both accomplished comedy actors who have succeeded in serious roles.

Stan & Ollie also stars Danny Huston (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, 21 Grams), Shirley Henderson (24 Hour Party People, Trainspotting) and Nina Arianda (Midnight In Paris, Win Win).

Look to the past

The first trailer shows the pair at their comedic best and looks laugh out loud funny in places but don’t expect this to be a comedy riot. The rest of the trailer looks tense, dramatic and thoroughly tragic as the pair perform to dwindling live audiences and their relationship fractures.

You can view the first trailer below

No doubt this final movie will be every bit as dark as it is fun making this a must-see film when it’s released. When the subject matter is two well-respected legends of the screen like Laurel & Hardy it’s a wonder nobody has tackled this before. Finally, their story will be told and by two of the best in the business.

As soon as we can book tickets we will be on it like a flash.

Stan & Ollie will be released on the 11th January 2019.


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