The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Gets Awesome New Trailer

Emmet is back and he has to save his friends, again.

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot
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We all loved The Lego Movie, right? Of course we did and we’ve all been waiting to see what would happen to Emmet and his friends next haven’t we? Good, well we are finally one step closer to finding out as the official trailer for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part has been released.

A Darker World

The trailer shows a new world that’s not dissimilar to that of Mad Max, deserts have taken over and the remnants of the Lego City are there to be seen.

Everyone has adopted post-apocalyptic clothing and everything is not awesome. We see a glimpse of the beings from Planet Duplo laying waste to Lego City and the citizens fleeing.

Then we see Emmet, who’s still exactly the same and is listening to a new version of Everything is Awesome! He goes about his day until we see him and Wyldstyle witness an alien craft that then proceeds to kidnap Wyldstyle, Batman and every other main character, leaving Emmet behind.

Emmet then takes his new sidekick Planty (his houseplant) on a quest to the stars to rescue his friends.

You can view the trailer below

A New Foe

Our new villain for this movie is the alien being known as Sweet Mayhem who is voiced by Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

Little else is known about the plot but Emmet getting his friends back and restoring balance to the Lego universe is enough to peak our interests.

Bring It On

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part looks like it will be every bit as funny and imaginative as the first and we seriously hope that it lives up expectations.

One of the elements of the first movie that made it such a success was the fusion of kids film with some very knowing adult humour and references, the trailer for part two gives us hope that it will continue in the same vein.

The Lego Movie 2: the Second Part is released in UK cinemas February 2019 so we still have a long time to wait but knowing Lego they won’t just leave us hanging. Expect more trailers and no doubt some mini features before the release.



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