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      jessica jones season 2 netflix

      Jessica Jones on Netflix Reviewed: It Totally Rocks!

      Marvel has been undergoing something of a transformation recently. Their movies appear to be following the style of Guardians of the Galaxy, using a...
      its always sunny in Philadelphia

      It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Is it Worthy of a Binge Watch?

      If you are looking for a disturbing, low-budget and morally bankrupt blackest of black comedy shows, then It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is for...
      santa clarita diet netflix

      Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Release Date And Trailer Arrives

      Santa Clarita Diet is back for its second season on Netflix. The first season was hugely popular and after ending on a cliffhanger, it was...
      jessica jones season 2 netflix

      Jessica Jones Returns to Netflix For Season 2

      Believe it or not, it’s been almost three years since Netflix teamed up with Marvel to bring us the first season of Jessica Jones....
      altered carbon netflix sci fi 2018

      Altered Carbon Season Review: Epic, Raw And A Must Watch

      Altered Carbon is a beautiful, very dark and thoroughly dystopian vision of the future. The story has more twists than a snake in a...
      annihilation natalie portman movie

      Annihilation Finally Gets UK Netflix Trailer And Release Date

      Following the massive success of Ex-Machina, the latest movie from Alex Garland was always going to be big news. It is with some surprise then...