Secrets are Revealed in S3 EP4 of Just Tattoo Of Us

Contains Spoilers!

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When will people learn that if your friend or loved one wants you to go to the craziest tattoo parlour on TV it’s probably not going to end well?

It seems like its a risk worth taking as some people realise as the secrets they wanted to be kept hidden are revealed in S3 EP4 of Just Tattoo Of Us.

Ashley & Jordan

The first couple on S3 EP4 of Just Tattoo Of Us is friends Ashley and Jordan. These two friends have known each other for around eight years and like nothing more than a night out together.

Jordan wants to get revenge on Ashley for all the times she has been sick on him on one of their nights out, Ashley is hoping that as she is a tattoo virgin meaning that this will be her very first tattoo, it will be going somewhere that she can cover it up in case she hates it.

Danny is the artist that has designed Ashley’s tattoo for Jordan and he is pretty chuffed with this design, not only that but he is also happy that it has been left to him to decide just how big the tattoo is going to be.

Charl has designed Jordan’s tattoo for Ashley and get’s Scotty T’s approval on the design, Ashley’s tattoo will be going on her left shoulder blade, meaning she is stuck if she hates it because it is going to be hard to cover up.

Jordan already has a full back piece tattoo booked in for a few weeks time, so where is the last place he is going to want this new tattoo to go? Yep, you guessed it, it’s going right on his back, and if it’s going to be a big one, it looks like he will be saying goodbye to the tatt that he is all booked in for.

With both Jordan and Ashley ready for their tatts to be down, it’s time to switch booths and get those fear goggles on.

These two both seem bothered with the pain, and it certainly looks like Jordan’s is a big one. My bets are going on a giant willy right on his back.

Scott is quick to offer some TLC to young Ashley, who seems to be struggling a bit with the pain, A kiss from Scotty T should sort that out.

Do these people really think that their tattoos are going to be licked on by kittens? Come on you know it’s done with a needle and that it’s going to hurt.

The Reveal

With the painful bit over and done with it’s the moment everyone has been waiting for and time to find out who has been stitched up the most.

Jordan is the first up to see his enormous tattoo and after removing the fear goggles it takes him a few seconds to work out just what it is that he has on his back.

Image Source: MTV

It’ a catfish, Ashley decided on this design because she knows he likes a cheeky edit on his photos. Hang on a minute Ash, have you not seen the show Catfish? Obviously not.

A catfish is not someone who uses a filter on photo’s, a catfish is someone who normally starts an online friendship/relationship with some but completely lies about who they are, normally using fake photos of other people.

To be fair, this design is pretty awesome but, not something you would want to be tattooed on you.

Ashley is up next to see what Jordan has done for her, will her tattoo have a proper meaning to it?

After removing her fear goggles, Ashley see’s her first ever tattoo, she has a crown tattooed on to her shoulder, that sounds ok, doesn’t it? Well no not really as you look closer you can see that the crown is covered in willies.

Ashley is now the queen of you know what.

Jack & Crystal

Boyfriend a girlfriend Jack and Crystal have been together for about seven months and just from watching their introduction clip, you can already tell that Jack is an absolute idiot.

Describing his relationship with Crystal, Jack admits that he loves the fact that Crystal does everything for him but, not only does he think that she is really clingy he also thinks that she is ‘punching way above her weight’ and that there is no way that she could get anyone better than him.

Jack, what mirror have you been looking in? You are no Tom Hardy, that’s for sure.

Crystal thinks that Jack can be quite cold sometimes and has no doubt that he is going to give her a terrible tattoo, just because that is the way that he is.

This girl just wants romance and flowers, instead, she has got an idiot boyfriend who thinks that he can pretty much do what the hell he wants because Crystal is never going to leave him.

Jack also doesn’t understand why his girlfriend gets annoyed when another woman sends him nude pictures on SnapChat, believing that he is the victim, not her.

What on earth does she see in him, also why would you go on a TV show to have something permanent put on your skin knowing full well, your boyfriend is an idiot so it’s not going to be anything nice?

Tattoo artist Jodie who has designed Jack’s tattoo for Crystal thinks that Jack wants Crystal to dump him when she sees the design but, cocky old Jack knows that she will stay with him no matter what the tattoo is of.

So just what is it? Well, its a design that Charlotte doesn’t get, according to Jodie the story behind the tattoo is horrific and Charlotte will not find out what the story behind the tattoo is until the reveal. Crystal’s tattoo will be going on her upper leg.

Cally has designed Crystal’s tattoo for Jack and she is a bit confused and concerned about what Crystal has chosen for her boyfriend. Please make it a bad one. This design will be going on Jack’s inner thigh.

When Charlotte goes to have a look at the design that Crystal is having done she is brutally honest and warns the girl that it is a bad one and that if she is honest she wants to go in and punch jack in the face.

Jack admits to Cally that he is having fun in his relationship but he doubts they are going to get married. Dump the boy now Crystal.

The Reveal

Jack is the first one up to see his new tatt, the cocky lad is pretty sure that Crystal wouldn’t risk her relationship with him by giving him a bad tattoo

Finally, Jack is not so cocky anymore after seeing his new tattoo. It’s a wedding cake with the words married.

Not amused with this design, a sulky Jack walks off only to be followed by Scott who is on hand to try and calm the guy down.

Now let’s be brutally honest, I’m not the only person thinking that this guy blatantly cheats on his girlfriend. Why on earth would you already be thinking about the excuses you are going to have to make to other women when they see this tattoo? Why will other women be seeing your tattoo Jack?

Image Source: MTV

Crystal’s turn now, her cocky boyfriend has put the cast of mean girls on her leg but what does it mean?

Well, I can’t reveal too much on this one as it’s too rude, let’s just say it has something to do with what they get up to in the bedroom.

Dayna & Nicole

Dayna and Nicole are close friends who enjoy a night out together, Nicole is a bit of a thrill seeker and Dayna is worried that Nicole will reveal one of her secrets in her tattoo design. It’s a secret for a reason.

The girls met at college and they both admit to being rather bitchy. It was Nicole’s idea to go come on the show.

Jason is the designer behind Nicole’s tattoo for her friend, Jason tells Nicole that when he got the design he wondered whether the girls would still be friends after this.

According to Charlotte, this design breaks every girl code on the planet, and with the show in its first season, they have never ever had a tattoo like this one asked for before. Nicole is nervous about it but happy with it.

Jen has designed Dayna’s tattoo for Nicole, Jen says that Nicole will probably remain single after this design is done. Scott however, thinks it’s brilliant.

Dayna’s tattoo is going on her right bum cheek while Nicole’s is going on her right inner thigh.

The Reveal

Will these two be going home as friends? Nicole is regretting the tattoo that she has given her friend.

Nicole looks full of regret when she sees the design. It’s a word search with the word Virgin circled in it.

There can only be one story behind this design and yep you guessed it, the secret is out for Dayna when Nicole tells Charlotte and Scotty and everyone watching that her friend is a virgin.

Do you know what Dayna that is something to be proud of because

Image Source: MTV

there aren’t many girls like you around? Feel proud of yourself Dayna.

Nicole’s turn next, will Dayna get her own back on her friend?

Yes, she does, Nicole has an Open 24 Hrs sign tattooed on her, because according to Dayna, Nicole is a very sexual person and Dayna thinks that this tattoo is Nicole all over.

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Just Tattoo Of Us S3 EP4


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