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      ALF TV Series is Getting a Reboot From Warner Bros TV

      As a child of the 80’s one of my favourite TV shows was ALF. ALF focused on an alien named after the acronym for Alien...
      Maniac Netflix

      First Trailer For Netflix’s Maniac Brings Us Into It’s Crazy World

      We all like a brain-bending series and Maniac looks set to enter the pantheon of weird. We’ve had quite a few mind-melting series’ recently,...
      Jean-Luc Picard

      Sir Patrick Stewart’s Star Trek Return Now Confirmed

      Rumours have been rife surrounding Sir Patrick Stewart and a new Star Trek Series. Many speculated that it would merely be a cameo but...

      A Buffy Reboot Is Coming And It’s Getting A Major Shakeup

      Buffy The Vampire Slayer was one of the biggest show of the late ‘90s. Schoolboys everywhere dreamed of her and Schoolgirls wanted to be...
      Love Island Georgia and Laura

      Are These the Ten Snakiest Moments of Love Island 2018 so Far?

      The list could go on for the top best/worst bits of this year's Love Island. Just when you think you have done the last...