ALF TV Series is Getting a Reboot From Warner Bros TV

Image Source: Youtube
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As a child of the 80’s one of my favourite TV shows was ALF.

ALF focused on an alien named after the acronym for Alien Life Form, from the planet Melmac who moves in with the suburban middle-class family The Tanners after his spacecraft crash lands in their garage.

The show aired from 1986-1990 and was a huge hit, it eventually went on to spawn numerous spin-off projects including a Marvel comic and an animated series.

Well, fans of the show will be pleased to hear that according to reports from Variety, Warner Bros TV is reportedly moving ahead with development on a reboot of the 1980’s classic sitcom.

ALF fans will remember that the original ALF series ended with a horrifically dark cliffhanger that saw the alien being taken off to presumably be terminated by the government.

According to Variety, an idea has been proposed that would see ALF escaping from Area 51, where he has been held prisoner ever since the events of the original series, and discovering how much the world has changed in the interim.

Although little else is known on the reboot and a date has yet to be confirmed, we will keep you posted with any updates we hear.


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