When is American Gods Season 2 on Amazon Prime?

american gods
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American Gods season 2 is nearly upon after what has felt like forever for it to return after the debut season back in 2017 on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime subscribers will be pleased to know that it’s returning exclusively in the UK and internationally.

In the US American Gods Season 2 is on Starz.

If you haven’t seen the first season of American Gods, you have plenty of time to watch the eight-episode first season before the start of season 2 of American Gods.

Season 2 of American Gods starts on March 11th 2019 on Amazon Prime.

If You are contemplating binge-watching the first season ahead of season 2 of American Gods on Amazon Prime then you really should even if Mythology is not your thing as its thoroughly entertaining.

With a standout cast including Ian McShane as the old Norse God, Odin and Ricky Whittle Shadow Moon, his initially unbelieving and reluctant Human Bodyguard.

Odin and Shadow Moon visit and team up with the other old Gods to see if they will rise up against the new Gods who the masses have replaced and worship such as Media and Technology.

However Media was played by The X Files star, Gillian Anderson who is not returning.

She will be replaced by an updated God called ‘New Media’ which will be very interesting to see how that plays out.

American Gods is clever stuff and has some amazing and surreal moments but you need to see it for yourself and see if its for you.


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