Where Can You Watch Friday Night Dinner?

Hello Jackie!

friday night dinner
Image Source: Channel 4
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Friday Night Dinner is a hilarious comedy series where a family get together for dinner on, well, erm…Friday nights.

Whilst this doesn’t sound that funny, it really is and is definitely up there with other classic and modern British comedy series like The In-Betweeners and The I.T Crowd.

What makes Friday Night Dinner so special?

Well it feels like it could be your family really there’s a lot of similarities that you’ll see in it, sometimes massively overdone but that’s what makes it funny and whilst you’d expect every episode to be a mundane experience, after all its just a normal family having dinner together, it literally all goes wrong in some way to hilarious effect.

They also have a hilarious eccentric and random neighbour, Jim, who always makes an appearance alongside his dog, Wilson, which on its own is worth watching every episode for and the phrase ‘Hello Jackie’ will forever be etched on your mind.

So, where can you watch Friday Night Dinner?

Well, as it’s a Channel 4 series, you can watch them all on All 4, however, there are tons of adverts to watch (most of the time) but don’t let that put you off too much as its worth persevering with. Luckily though if you have Netflix the first two series are on there and are completely advert free, naturally.

So to recap, watch season 1 and 2 on Netflix as this will be advert free and then go over to All 4 to watch seasons 3,4 and 5 if you’re looking to binge it all. If you don’t have Netflix then watch them all on All 4.

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