Bojack Horseman Is Coming Back To Netflix For Season 5

Bojack will return to our screens for more twisted comedy

Netflix Capture
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Everybody’s favourite alcoholic horse Bojack Horseman is set to return to our screens in September and we couldn’t be happier.

If you’ve somehow missed the phenomenon that is Bojack Horseman then allow us to enlighten you.

Horsin’ Around

Bojack Horseman is a Horse who used to be an ‘80s comedy star. Now washed up and living off his former glories Bojack is a mess, not that he cares of course. Since season one he’s made some friends, some of them good friends and others perhaps not so positive.

There’s Diane, a human who he’s kind of in love with. Mr Peanutbutter, a Dog that was his nemesis for years after his show replaced Bojack’s. Todd, a random human that he’s adopted as a housemate. Princess Carolyn, A cat who’s his agent and also his ex-girlfriend and a whole host of other wacky characters that make the world of Bojack a very strange place.

Messed up world

As you may have guessed by now Bojack Horseman is an animated comedy and it’s certainly an adult one. Expect to see drug taking, alcoholism, brutal accidents, meaningless sex between consenting animals of all species and tons of swearing. Wonderful.

The voice cast is brilliant, Will Arnett (Blades of Glory, Arrested Development) voices Bojack brilliantly and he has just the right tone for Bojack’s negative worldview and constant attacks on everyone around him. Other voice artists include Alison Brie (Community, Glow), Amy Sedaris (Elf, Puss in Boots), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, Need for Speed) and Paul F Tompkins (There Will Be Blood, Comedy Bang! Bang!).

Very minor spoiler ahead

When we left Bojack at the end of season 4 he was in a dark place. He had come to some realisations about his life and had run away, finishing the season in a deeply poignant way as he looked out over a scene of horses running wild in the desert.

Behold, the future

Is he going to throw it all away and discover himself finally? Season 4 was a real exploration of the characters and took the show from a funny and brutal comedy series to a funny and brutal comedy series with feeling.

That’s no bad thing either, by the end of the season we loved each character even more and really felt their pain. It was a moving ending and we really hope that season 5 can carry on in the same vein.

You can view the teaser trailer for season 5 below.

If you haven’t watched it yet don’t worry, you have a while to catch up, and believe us when we say that once you start you’ll binge watch all four season in a week, easy.

All four seasons are available on Netflix now

Season 5 of Bojack Horseman is released on Netflix 14th September 2018

Are you looking forward to the new season? Let us know in the comments.


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