Roman Invasion Series Britannia is Coming: Here’s Where You Can Watch It.

Romans, Celts, Druids, Battles. Yay!

Image Source: Youtube Screenshot

Sky Atlantic and Now TV subscribers look like they are in for a treat as their new original historical drama Britannia is coming out in January in the UK and looks pretty epic.

What is Britannia about and where is it set?

Britannia is set in AD43 England where the Romans were returning to destroy the Celtic tribes which are led by warrior women and mysterious Druids that roamed the land during this time.

It looks very authentic (although we don’t have a time machine to confirm it) it totally looks the part and could be a fantastic watch for history buffs and possibly for those whose lives are empty whilst they patiently wait for the final season of Game of Thrones.

It looks like it might be a good filler to satisfy these cravings and from the trailer, it looks like it will be brutally violent and hopefully has some amazing battles between the Romans and Celtic tribes who have to put their differences aside to fight a common enemy who threatens their way of life.

When is Britannia available to watch?

Britannia is out on the 18th January on Sky Atlantic and Now TV in the UK so if you like anarchic historical dramas then this might keep you entertained for a while as all 10 episodes will be available for a full-on binge if you get hooked on it from the first episode!

The series stars some big names including David Morrissey (aka The Governor from The Walking Dead!), Kelly Reilly, Zoe Wanamaker, Ian McDiarmid and Mackenzie Crook.

You’ll also be able to watch it in Ultra HD too. Nice!

Is Britannia available to watch in the US?

Yes, it certainly will be. If you’re from the US and reading this then you too will be able to watch Britannia on Amazon Prime Video as this is the first co-production between Sky and Amazon.

Check out the latest trailer for it below and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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