Chucky is Back Again as Child’s Play the TV Series is Announced

Childs Play Tv Series
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The doll no child wanted to be given for their birthday Chucky from the 1988 American Slasher film Child’s Play is coming to our TV screens once again as the horror movie series is being adapted into a TV series of the same name.

We first laid out eyes on Chucky way back in 1988 when the first of the Child’s Play films was released in the cinema. Andy was the young boy who was given a “Good Guy” doll for his birthday from his mum, unaware that the doll was in fact possessed by the soul of the infamous serial killer and fugitive Charles Lee Ray. Making Chucky no ordinary doll.

Unlike your average normal toy shop dolls, Chucky can come alive and he is not a doll that you want to be messing with as Andy and his mum soon find out.

Chucky basically had three missions in the film:

  • Mission 1 – Survive: When serial killer Charles Lee Ray is on the verge of death, he resorts to a Haitian Voodoo spell to transport his soul into a battery-operated “Good Guy” doll.
  • Mission 2 – Revenge: Revenge against his accomplice Eddie Caputo who took of as cop Chris Sarandon was closing in. Chucky got his revenge by sending Eddie’s abandoned South Side bungalow up in flames.
  • Mission 2 – Find a new body: Charles Lee Ray’s witch doctor friend told Chucky that the only way out was to possess the first person he encountered as Chucky. That person was Andy, so Chucky needed to find Andy and do the same thing to him that he did on the Good Guy doll.

The Child’s Play movie spawned a long-running franchise, the last Chucky film being the Cult of Chucky in 2017. Now fans of the film series will be excited to hear that Child’s Play is being adapted into a brand new TV series.

Child’s Play creator and co-writer Don Mancini announced the upcoming TV series on Twitter after posting a GIF (see below).

The upcoming Child’s Play TV series will follow in the steps of a long list of horror movies that have been made into a TV adaptation. Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho was adapted into the popular Bates Motel TV series.

The Evil Dead series was adapted into the Tv series Ash vs the Evil Dead and the 1973 classic horror movie The Exorcist has been adapted into the Fox series of the same name.

With no release date yet announced, fans of the series are wondering if Brad Dourif will once again be voicing the Chucky doll for the Child’s Play TV series. We will keep you posted with any updates we hear.


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