Cobra Kai Latest: A New Trailer Is Out For The YouTube Red Series

karate kid new trailer youtube red
Image Source: YouTube
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Could Karate Kid fever grip a new generation of kids in 2018? We’d like to think so and so does YouTube as they are really ramping up the teasers and trailers for the upcoming Cobra Kai original series which will be exclusively on YouTube Red.

A new trailer has been released and it reveals quite a bit more about what the series will be about. Check It out first:

As you can see Johnny is a bit of a drunk who gets his mojo back and introduces the Cobra Kai way to a new generation of kids in the Valley.

The hugely successful Daniel Larusso has been made to look like he might be a bit of a bully himself as he ridicules Johnny in his shiny car dealership and states that he’ll shut down the newly reopened Cobra Kai Dojo and this reversal of roles (is Johnny now the underdog?) could make for compelling viewing

Johnny is going to make for a far more interesting character by the looks of things with his deadpan comments and straight-talking attitude.

Time will tell of course and for those outside of YouTube Red’s subscription service the question still remains, how are we going to watch it in the UK and everywhere else that doesn’t have it because there’s a generation of 80’s kids from all across the world that need to see this series and probably want to watch it with their own kids. I know I want to, what about you?


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