Remember Critters? A New TV Series Might Be Coming Soon

The Critters are coming back


Back in 1986, the world was introduced to the B-Movie horror Critters and now they are returning in the form of a new TV series.

The series will be called Critters: A New Binge and is being brought to life by Blue Ribbon Content, the digital studio of Warner Bros.

Not a lot is known about the Critters TV show so far but what we do know is that Rupert Harvey and Barry Opper, who produced the original franchise, are returning to produce the series.

Blue Ribbon Content has also enlisted the creative team from the comedy horror film Zombeavers in the shape of Jordan Rubin who will also Direct, Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan also join Rubin on writing duties.

Speaking during the WBTV presentation Television Critics Association winter press tour Peter Giraldi of Blue Ribbon Content said that the show will go into production this year.

He also went on to say that the plot for the series will see the Critters return to Earth in search of one of their kin who was left behind on a previous mission.

The Critters will land in Burbank, California where they will wreak havoc on a group of high schoolers and their families.

This sounds like it’s going to be a really fun series and something unexpected that will hopefully get a whole new audience to discover the original movies.

For those that don’t remember Critters told the story of a group of furry aliens who land in an American farming town and then begin eating the locals.

The movie starred Billy Zane (Titanic, The Phantom, Dead Calm), Scott Grimes (The Orville, Robin Hood, American Dad) and Dee Williams (ET, Cujo, Grimm) and quickly became a cult hit amongst teenagers and followers of the “video nasty” trend of the ‘80s.

It went on to spawn 3 sequels with Critters 4 being released in 1992, Critters 3 even starred a young Leonardo Di Caprio.

Obviously, at this stage, no details have been released regarding the cast but it would be great to see some of the old cast return and we really can’t wait to see the tiny furballs of terror on our screens yet again.

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