When is Deutschland ’86 Coming Out in The UK?

The Cold War gets hot again!

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Deutschland ’83 was a hugely surprising hit in the UK when it came out on Channel 4’s Walther Presents which features series and boxsets from across the world.

Deutschland ’83 was an amazing series and captured the essence of 1980’s Berlin during the height of the Cold War where an East German border guard, Martin Rauch (brilliantly played by Jonas Nay) becomes a reluctant spy to help save his mother after she gets ill.

Back to the 80’s

Everything about Deutschland ’83 was very well done, from the 80’s soundtrack which naturally includes Nina’s ’99 Red Balloons’, to the tech and gadgets used back in the day all the way through to the fashions and cars of the period.

These period touches gave it an air of authenticity and an attention to detail that will have any 80’s nostalgia addict drooling for more.

Able Archer

Whilst the plot to infiltrate the West German Army during the Able Archer NATO exercises in Deutschland ’83 is fictional, the actual NATO Exercise was very real and actually brought us all close to the brink of Armageddon at the time.

Where can you watch the original series?

If you haven’t watched it yet, we recommend you do and its available in the UK on More 4 in the World Boxsets section and for an ad free experience you can binge it on Amazon Prime UK.

The 10 episodes are great and the pacing, plot progression and ending will have you captivated and wanting more.

Luckily the follow up series, Deutschland ’86 is coming and its set three years after Deutschland ’83 and will also be 10 episodes long.

When and where is Deutschland ’86 available to watch?

Deutschland ’86 came out back in 2018 in Germany on Amazon Prime and the US on Sundance TV but will it come to the UK like its predecessor Deutschland ’83 did?

The answer is yes, Deutschland ’86 will be on More 4 and it will premier on Friday March 8th at 9pm.

Will there be a Deutschland ’89 series?

Yes indeed there will be a third series.

If Deutschland ’86 is anything like Deutschland ’83 then hopefully we’ll see Deutschland ’89 in 2020.

If you didn’t know this was the year of fall of the Berlin Wall and unification between East and West Germany so expect it to be focused on this.

That would be a fitting end to this superb German series wouldn’t it?


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