Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Good Out Here

Death comes to the group as a villain emerges

Fear the Walking Dead Morgan and Nick
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Fear the Walking Dead has had a rocky start this season so this episode really needed to steady the ship and give us an idea of where they were going and if it would be worth sticking with it.

Would it do that? Spoilers ahead if you want to find out.

So last week we were introduced to The Vultures, a group of redneck scavengers who were essentially a budget Saviours. It turned out that they had placed a mole in our heroes group who had introduced Weavils to their crops and fed the Vultures info on their set up.


That Mole was Charlie, a young girl whom our heroes had been trying to help. In a sense, they did just that but it wasn’t exactly in their best interests.

Charlie would become a major thorn in their side in this episode after she consistently showed up on their scavenging missions, having already beaten them to each and every location.

Once again this episode jumps about in timelines and we would end the episode with another encounter between Nick and Charlie but more on that later.

Capture the flag

Al is taking Victor, Nick, John, Luciana and Morgan to the location of the flags she has found. She’s left out some details on her map which she says she’ll give them so long as she gets their stories on camera.

Eventually, this goes badly as Nick tries to force her to tell them. She breaks out of her bindings and holds a knife to his throat. She tells Luciana to pull over but she crashes the truck into a ditch. Nick wakes up to find himself and his colleagues tied up as Morgan, John and Al are trying to get the truck free.

Al gets them to work together after Luciana remembers there was garage further back. They are all untied, apart from Nick who’s left for insurance. The group head off leaving Nick with Morgan and they start to bond.

Ununited front

This seems like the perfect pairing for us, Nick is by far the best character in the show and we’ve always loved Morgan in The Walking Dead so they could work well together if allowed.

Not long after this they need to take care of some walkers but are interrupted by the Vultures. They take shelter in the truck. Nick spots the car and chases after it despite Morgans protests. As he chases the car he spots some flowers and we get a series of flashbacks involving Madison and Mel.

Nick and Madison are seen scavenging while being scuppered by Mel and Charlie again and again.

These flashbacks continue and are interspersed with scenes from the “present” as Nick and Morgan travel together.

Death awaits us

Eventually, Morgan discovers the same car with a Vulture loading it up with goods. Morgan tells him to leave but he laughs. Nick appears and loses it before asking Morgan to do the right thing. He steps aside and leaves as Nick attacks him. He fights the Vulture and eventually impales him on the antlers of a deer. It’s a bust obviously, not just some random passing deer.

Nick forces the Vulture harder onto the antlers as we see Morgan change his mind and start to come back. We also see Al, John, Alicia, Luciana and Victor arrive at the scene. Nick emerges covered in blood and Morgan tells him his story before giving him his copy of The Art of Peace.

Nick begins reading it before having another flashback of Madison in an arty shot. Her denim jacket is highlighted with the blue of the same flowers we saw earlier and Nick lays down in them. Back to the present and Nick is holding one of those flowers as a gunshot sounds.

Nick falls to the floor with blood pouring from his mouth and Charlie is seen holding a smoking gun. Alicia holds Nick in her arms as he dies and there’s no miraculous saviour here, he’s dead. They are all seen crying and Alicia and Luciana chase Charlie down before the credits roll.


Despite the constant flashbacks, this was a decent episode. Nick’s death was a shock and has left us wondering how on earth they are going to continue the series without him as there aren’t many other characters we really care about. Victor is still about and hopefully Morgan, Al and John can bring some much-needed intrigue to the series. Luciana is still dead weight; we honestly forget who she is every time she comes on screen.

No doubt there will be more flashback to come as we are pretty sure Madison must be dead as well, hence all the symbolism with the flowers and Nick’s irrational desire to kill the Vultures. It would also explain why she hasn’t been in any of the apparent present-day scenes.

Once again we are left wondering where this all going but at least this episode gave us a story we can get behind and gave us a real shock to boot.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Is Madison still alive? Why not let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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